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Judy's Magician
2009 CCA Show Picture
Feetfire's Royal Reserve, 14 months!
Spiritwind Collies
Pandarellan Åsa Rasdotter
Pictures of Skip
Syystaian Viisas
Smoothies in Ural
example of rough, rough-factored and smooth in my T-litter
Ch Ghyllmoire Night Flame of Tentola
2 of my sable girls... pictured 15 february -09
Icy Krsn louka
Artemis of Bohemia Balada
Our training photos
Feetfire's Royal Reserve
B.F.J. My smooths
Caramella Flying Ear
New Champion OneWay's Johnny Be Good
Swedish Champion & Korad OneWay's Suzuki "Sammy"
New Champion OneWay's Good Charlotte "Maya"