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Leneli - two available puppies
Aféra al Bader 7.weeks old blue- merle female for sale
Puppies at Connemara's Highlands are born
We are expected tri & bm babies in kennel "Grazel" (Russia)
Allegory B litter
Sable puppies in KoToRa kennel (Poland)
Puppies at Connemara's Highlands
We are expcted sable and tricolor puppies in Smooth Drinks FCI kennel (Poland) [стр: 1 2 All]
Our latest puppies at OneWay's
Tricolor & blue-merle puppies in Natalain kennel (Russia)
Oneway's Private Pluto and Moonlight della via Francigena
MIGHTY´S SPRING MEADOW - puppies H litter
Krasna Louka N litter
Acting smooth puppies
Tricolor & blue-merle puppies - summer 2011, Aisling Agam (SK)
Puppies in kennel Jantárová hviezda
Smooth Alertness puppies born!
Now new puppy plans avail for this year 2011
Book is open for this litter in our HP !

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