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Target stick dog hints
­Every Levels of guide dog training
Leneli - two available puppies
Aféra al Bader 7.weeks old blue- merle female for sale
Puppies at Connemara's Highlands are born
We are expected tri & bm babies in kennel "Grazel" (Russia)
Allegory B litter
Sable puppies in KoToRa kennel (Poland)
Puppies at Connemara's Highlands
We are expcted sable and tricolor puppies in Smooth Drinks FCI kennel (Poland) [стр: 1 2 All]
Our latest puppies at OneWay's
Tricolor & blue-merle puppies in Natalain kennel (Russia)
Oneway's Private Pluto and Moonlight della via Francigena
MIGHTY´S SPRING MEADOW - puppies H litter
Krasna Louka N litter
Acting smooth puppies
Tricolor & blue-merle puppies - summer 2011, Aisling Agam (SK)
Puppies in kennel Jantárová hviezda
Smooth Alertness puppies born!

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