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Smooth puppies born in Denmark
Secret Affair´s J-litter
Clingstones Smooth Collies proudly present
Natalain T-litter [стр: 1 2 3 All]
We are waiting for puppies in Applepie's kennel in Finland
available 1 smooth boy in France
Z Tau'ri puppies
7 months old tricolour smoothbitch avaliable...
Sable pups at Krasna Louka
The New Jencol Litter!
Natalain L-litter
We have puppies! [стр: 1 2 3 All]
Puppies from Elke vo Ihlpol and Shiney Lake Best Gift Ever
Faith her puppies
Puppies Italy [стр: 1 2 All]
Natalain P-puppies [стр: 1 2 3 All]
Jantárová hviezda puppies
Puppies in Z Roztockeho Zamku Kennel
Tricolour pups
Available puppies in BILA KAÍFA

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