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Smoothies and water

Uptown Girl: What your smoothies and water? Do they love it or don't? My Phoebe hates water and swimming... Are your smoothies similar or she is only?

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cris: My smooth (Nibby) doesn't like water, too! There is a pool for goldfishes and nymphaeas in my garden, but he keeps itself far from it! He is suspicious also when he has to drink water from creeeks and rivers!

Mabinogion: here no smooth likes to go into the water eather

Natalain: Our smoothies like swiming. They like walk on water and swim with people or with ball or stick. Illustrations is here.

Nina: Tia hates rain and mud... I hope she'll stay that way I also hope she'll like swimming in the sea when the summer comes :)

Duna: Duna loves swimming, especially for her frisby (actually, she is frisby-maniac ). But she hates rain and wet grass for walking.

Kata: My smoothies are very funny with the water. When we are at river they like it. Go into the water and running. But when I want to bath them before the shows they hate the water. Just looking me and "answer": "Hey Mum is it very importent??"

Twinway: My smoothies don't like a lot the water. Only Champagne like to swin, to run on the water or to play with her ball. When it's raining, they aren't really agree for a walk

marakoopa: Our smoothies don't like water much. Except Fellow, "Fellowship took from Hobbit's Home" and his daughter Yindi Marakoopa's Allira".

Alertness: Usually we say about a good collie that she or he is "willing to please". I don't say about my male that he is willing to please. But rather that he is willing to eat, willing to play and of course, willing to get wet! That makes him the most perfect and the funniest smooth in my eyes Berit

Selbit: Alertness

acting smooth: One loves, other don't. Our Lettu loves to play fetch from water, and summertimes I train her endurance me canoeing and she swimming long distances. Our hessu likes to get his feet wet, but when the water reaches his underline he turns away. But as Hessu is old and has some pain in his legs, I've trained him also by forcing him to swim. Here's photo how do we do it... and I can recommend this to all older dogs to keep them fit!

Clos des Castagniers: Our first smooth, Tessie, hated water and when I tried to make her go in, she never forgave me and hid every time we were near water. So with our second girl, Clea, I made a game of it, throwing her beloved ball into shallow water and throwing it further and further on several occasions. She was then not afraid of water, though she never loved it and she did actually swim with us. Sadie, our present smooth didn't mind water until a wave went on her head - that was the end of the sea for her. She will still cross rivers without fear, but isn't fond of the sea. We train our puppies to cross little rivers and this is fine - no puppy has had any problem with that. Our latest, Blackie, four months, has been DROWNED practically twice by big waves and simply shook himself off. So - you can never tell - but basically, I don't think smoothies are water dogs. Blackie, four months, at the sea.

Godiva: My smooths have very different opinions. Vallu, my eldest smooth, likes to swim but it isn't really a true passion for him. Reetta, my elder bitch, hates the water and doesn't go anywhere near it. She doesn't like the rain, either. But Uma, my younger bitch, she used to be a dolphin in her past life: She's absolutely crazy about swimming and it's hard to keep her out of water. No matter how cold it is. But she does almost everything with great passion. Here's the whole "family" at the beach (Reetta without her head).

Nina: Beautiful photos! My Tia sometimes enters the water, but she's extremely careful not to lose the ground beneath her feet...

Godiva: Uma's Midsummer's Eve at our summer cottage by the beautiful lake Saimaa: Jumping... Flying... Diving... Diving deeper... Jumping again... And again... Veeeery tired little swimmer (who continued this jumping and swimming activity the next day and the day after that).

Uptown Girl: Wow, the diving photos are perfect!

acting smooth: In winter when our lake was icecovered, we visited few times in a swimming pool for dogs. Here's a link for some pictures from there. Also I noticed that I haven't posted here a link to a video taken last summer on our own "beach". So you can see Lettu may be a fish-cross?

Avery: That's about as far as my boy goes into water

Natalain: Here is Sky - Natalain New York. Owner and photographer are Anna Aksenova

willowhurst: Wow , your pictures are so nice ... my old smooth will not go near water , never has , she walks around even just a puddle . .. now our young boy would dive in , boys w ill be boys

sero: Näpsä and Rasmus don't hate water when they play in it, but taking a shower or walking in the rain are totally another thing... Näpsä likes to play in water or just run and bark around while Rasmus likes to swim and fetch toys.

Natalain: Really great photos!!!

IvanaR: Hello my brother I don't like water so much, but I am the lord of the wood My son Andy and my friend Skip like it very much: Greetings from Odie www.collie-smooth.com

IvanaR: Oops , this message was for my brother Sky

Natalain: IvanaR Great photos!!!

Natalain: Aiho and Lucky have a rest in Ladozhskoe lake:

Selbit: Very beautiful photo Lucky!

collienet: well lovely photos....afraid our smooth doesn't even like rain let alone lakes and sea......

mojito: Mojitko loves water (as my 2 rough girl ) [/URL]

Godiva: Uma diving (again and again) in June 2009: Her jumps are veeeery long. Vallu works as a sports commentator.

JT: Wow what and excellent pictures . Watching these and thinking why my smoothie Aapo don't want to swim like Uma. I still hope that he just hasn't got the good taste of swimming to start loving it. He just goes to the water as far as his feet bring him, but don't go swimming by himself :(

Duna: Godiva Wonderful diver and commentator! Does Uma gets water in her ears? Vovan has tried once to jump into the water, but he doesn't like it because water in the ears.

Godiva: JT and Duna: Thank you! Well, Uma goes always under the water during her diving (you can see more her jumps here: http://www.allegorysmooths.net/galleria_kevatkesa.htm) and even though she ALWAYS gets water in her ears, she just doesn't care. She soooo mad about water when she sees it in a lake, a sea, a pond or a swimming pool. The funny thing is that she is NOT fond of water at all when it means a bath for her. She hates especially shampooing but she looooves dirty ponds. Uma started training water rescue last summer and we may be going to some official trials, probably next year. She has lots of stamina, but she is a little bit too small to be a good water rescue dog.

Eposia: Wonderful

Natalain: Godiva Great photos of great jumps

Duna: Godiva wrote: Uma started training water rescue last summer and we may be going to some official trials, probably next year. She has lots of stamina, but she is a little bit too small to be a good water rescue dog. Very nice to hear about Smooth collie in water rescue !!! When I was interesting about it in our local water rescue dogs' training center they said that dog has to have at least 30 kg of weight for it (most of dogs there are Retrievers and Newfoundlands).

Godiva: Natalain: Thanks. Duna: Here in Finland we have even Border Collies who have gained Champion title in official water rescue trials. So it IS possible (in theory ) even for these little ones like my princess (20 kilograms). "Too small? Me? Blah!" This is her favourite exercise: The Smoothie Express Mail Service taking an object (well, her own toy at the moment ) to the rubber boat.


Nina: Beautiful photos! I wish my Tia was this brave... she only jumps where she can see the ground

Uptown Girl: This summer, Phoebe have started swimming suddenly. Without no problems. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6ADNUGq_VU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CskiUnYSMa4

Lea: Amateur pictures of amateur swimmer, this was the first time

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