Life with a smooth collie Males vs. Females

Males vs. Females

kocka: I am curious about the gender differences in smooths. Generally with any breed, people like to say that females are better companions, better with kids, more obedient, calmer etc... What do you prefer? Why did you choose a male or a female and for those who have both, please write a bit about temperament differences that you notice in your dogs.

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Lisa: i can?t really talk about the differences because i havent owned a smooth-girl yet. but my skip is a very friendly and obedient boy, he is not agrressive but he gets easier attaced by other dogs. that is the reason why i would prefer a bitch next time. but maybe bitches fight with bitches as often as males with males, i simply don?t know. it also depends on where you live, because of keeping the bitch away from other dogs while she?s in season must be quite hard in a city. and - last but not least - it depends on the personal feeling next to the dog. we came to skips breeders in order to take aone of his sisters home. but when we saw the litter, he was the only one we?d have taken. you just have to decide wich one you like best

Mabinogion: we have both ,and i like both very much! with us they are all sweet and like to hug ,both sexes ,the males like to compeet in games more ,bringing things ,like to see how strong they are in playing i like both to have ! but i think both are sweet and real friends !

JT: I have a male smooth and he is incredible friendly with other dogs. He even gets along with the angry german shepard dogs! They like do play and run together and get along each other just good. What is unique! Male smooths are a bit braver than bitches I think as well. My male smooth likes to hug and cuddle a lot as well - he needs lot of fondness and love! And so do I :) So perfect loving family dog. I'm so happy to have collie smooth male - ideal dog for me!

kocka: Thank you all for your replies . Ive never had a female dog before so I dont know much about gender differences and I thought I would ask. My first dog was a Schnauzer and now I have an older Whippet. For my next dog I wish to get a smooth, they fascinate me so much and I like how versatile they are-I need and active dog because Im an active person myself . Does anybody use their smooth as a therapy dog? Do you think they would enjoy doing that? My Whippet loves elderly and kids but with adults he is very reserved and usually just ignores them . It is amazing how he can read people and how he knows who wishes to pet him and who doesnt. Lisa, Skip is . Others too !

Lisa: kocka thank you... skip likes the children and every person we tell him that he or she is a "friend". but he is a bit scared of children who were not told how to behave properly next to a dog(screaming ones or those who run directly towards him). i have heard of a lot smooths doeing therapy work and also in austria a big amount of them goes as guide or servicedog. skips sister is living with a woman who has (i think) MS or Downs Syndrom. thats her

willowhurst: Personally I go for boys ... we have girls too but its the boys you love you and adore you the most ( my opinion only)

Tommy2: I have a boy and a girl. The differnce is huge. I love that my boy is very independent and really thinks for himself. More of a human then my girl. But my girl is so affectionate and always looking to please. I guess I would get another girl before a boy

Alertness: My experience after having both males and females at home is that the male smooth collies generally are bolder and more forward than the females. They're also more "fair" and even-tempered and easier to train. My females may get a bit grumpy or moody at times. On the positive side they're calmer, not so lively and easier to control. Personally I've lost my heart to the males, to their down to earth, honest and happy personalities. Even though some of them they might be a handful they're worth every minute of it Berit