Life with a smooth collie Furminator


Natalain: Some weeks ago I have got special comb for smooth coated dogs - furminator. And I have to say - this is a best comb that I have used with smooth collies! You can see it here: You can see also videoclips in "Demos" part. This comb move away undercoat with absolutely great effect and very quickly! You can see our results after 15 minutes to work with furminator: It`s look so: I`m impressed by it and can recommend it for smooth collies!

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Twinway: Thank you very much for the info !!! I'm impressed and I think I'm going to buy one !

Lisa: Sounds great, but its very expensive...

Tiina: I bought mine from Amazon USA and it cost only 20 ? and came home to my doorstep in 3 days. I think cheap. And it really works amazingly

MacGees: I bought one too, and it really really works! Though now Maggie is almost bald..

Lisa: i ordered one by ebay, but it hasent arrived for over a month... im so angry about it, i would really love to try it out

Dianne: I would be careful if you show, not to strip too much of your dog's undercoat - a judge might say that your dog has no undercoat. This is very important in smooth collies. Dianne

Tiina: ^ I don't understand now ? Furminator is ment to use only when the dog is changing fur and undercoat is coming up. It is not a every day brush.

collienet: I have one here which I thought would be good for the Roughs, but I found it wasn't. I must try it on the Smooth..good ness what a lot of hair..

Tommy2: My gosh that is a lot of hair. I too have tried teh FURminator and loved it. We had tumble weeds of hair rolling around outside after just one brush.

colliesrtops: Hi! I love the Furminator too for my Smooths. But, I found it cuts the hair too much on my Roughs! It removed the black overlay hair on the mask of my sable Rough. It worked fine on my tri Smooth boy. For the lady who ordered one on, you should followup with the seller and tell them that you never received it. They should try sending you another! Amazon and it's sellers are usually very good. Cindy USA