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Smooth Collie potential

moonlight: What do you think the potential of the smooth work? What is the difference between a Border? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Lisa: I think the Smooth has plenty of potential. Early socializtion and the lines may be important, but most of it is what you offer your dog. The smooth will take on all tasks gladly and will be happy to work with and for you. However, he is never as demanding as a Border, whose working ability often leads to unwanted behaviour (destruction etc.) if not enough work is done. The Smooth will be happy to work for hours (if correctly trained) but also happy to be just an active companion if one has not as much time as usual. I hope this will help you? I tried to tell the difference as short as possible, but of course there would be much more to talk about, depending on how much detailed you want to hear the differences in the working ability of Smooth and Border. As far as the type of sport is concerned, both breeds are able to fulfill the same criterias (of course depending on the single dog). For example, a Smooth can do herding, obedience, tracking, agility, schutz/defense, rescue work, therapy work, frisbee, flyball... whatever you want him to do and whatever your dog likes most! Maybe the shortest way to tell would be that witch a Border you MUSt and with a Smooth you CAN. Although it is hoghly recommended to give your smooth something to work...

moonlight: Thanks Lisa, for their help and sorry for the late reply. Here in Italy I can tell you that the Smooth is little known, and many do not trust, but I think it's a fantastic race because while the Border works for himself, the Smooth does it for you, and that to me is beautiful. Do you agree? I just do Obedience and Agility coming from, I realize how strong the relationship you create with your pet. The Border does not seem so attached to the owner, I often seem to have desire to do. ... maybe it's an opinion too hard, but I love the Smooth terribly that I have to defend it in any way by those who think a dog is difficult only because it is not known. Sometimes, some Italians are a bit like sheep, follow the flock!

Glenmorangie: moonlight wrote: Sometimes, some Italians are a bit like sheep, follow the flock! Don't worry Moonlight, some Frenchies too As for the Smooth Collie potentials, I think there should not be any problem with "intellectual" activities (exceptions however, like in other breeds or species). You know my little Florence del Passo del Turchino, littersister to your little Faith. She was extremly successful in French Character Test, Social & Working Ability Certificate and *especially* the Herding Instinct Test where she ended with "Best CANT" title at our National Club Show in 2007. Her two puppies, Dagda and Damona, did very well with Herding Test (they did not pass the other two tests because these ones are less important, in my opinion). Where I live, I have no many possibilities to train them anymore unfortunately. But they, with Flynn and Nina, can herd any cattles without my permission if they have this opportunity. Best regards, Françoise

moonlight: Sorry for the delay, console me much thanks! I've seen your videos in agility and compliments are very respectable! I, too, to train in obedience and agility go away from home, because here in Tuscany is not easy to find a good teacher who can convey what he knows, and after a couple of years I have found! When you have the passion to work with your dog tired of the travel pass is not it? Best regards, Francesca

Eposia: I think that the smooth has a better potential to work on herding than the rought but it's a personal opinion.

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