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New to the breed

Flipflop: Hello. I am looking at a smooth collie as a service dog. However I am having a hard time finding places to really research them. You can read all you want on a breed of dog, but nothing really tells you the bad and good than a owner themselves. I'm not sure if this place is very active, as it seems every forum I find is either dead or shut down. But here goes. I am finding a lot of different opinions on male verses female. Up till now, I've always gotten male dogs...to ME, they seem to take themselves less serious, aren't as snarky and a bit more laid back. But I am also getting tired of the constant competition to prove "I am man." Even neutered males mark like crazy, and when looking at a dog to take everywhere with me...I do not want the constant worry of having lift off in the middle of a grocery store display. It is important to me the dog have good manners, not be too hyper and so forth. Saying that, how would you describe the collies overall temperament and personality? I am reading many places that state they are mild mannered, great family dogs and generally do well with the over all population...including other dogs. Then I turn around and read they can be reserved with strangers, high energy, etc.. I realize it varies dog to dog, but I am really looking for what seems to be topical of the breed. I am not looking for them to be built up...but to hear both the good and bad. I would love to hear literally any and all details. I am far from decided...if honest, I had never considered the collie as a companion until seeing several who had them as service dogs. I want a very loving and devoted dog that is able to focus on me...I am tired of over stimulated dogs that obsess with everything else around them BUT me. This is important because I need to know I can count on them in stressful situations. Lastly what is the price range on this breed...I hate to sound tacky, but I am low income. That in no way means I do not take care of my dogs..it's quite the oppisite, I take of them very well and their needs never suffer. I love my dogs, they ARE my family. Saying that, I do not want to go with rescue [with whichever breed I choose]. Though the idea is lovely and I would love to help a rescue, I find they come with too much baggage. For that I am hoping to find a ETHICAL breeder...but I have no clue what this breed usually runs or even if I can find a smooth collie breeder in my state. It may be more wishful thinking than anything, but I am trying to cover all my bases. I would love to learn more about this breed and find out if we are a match. I would also love to meet some ETHICAL breeders, who aren't afraid to be upfront and share their knowledge.

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