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Questions about life with a Smooth Collie

happydog: Hello I'm new to this forum and just wanted to get some insight on what it's like living with a Smooth Collie. I grew up with dogs and my husband and I are now looking for our first dog together. I am used to my parents working labradors who are pretty biddable and easy going and was wondering how Smooth Collies compare as I haven't met that many. The ones I have met have been lovely and we are considering getting one. I've heard they have a lovely temperament but can bark a lot compared to other dogs and that the barking can be hard to manage - is that true? And if so is it something you can manage with training? Also how much exercise do they generally need each day? I'm wondering if they tend to get hyperactive if you have to skip a day if you are ill for example. I'm pretty active and love walking but equally would like a dog to chill with in the house. And lastly I have heard that they can be quite shy/ timid, I'm wondering if that's just hearsay or if it's something I need to watch out for. I'm going to meet some more soon and will of course make sure I go to reputable breeders. I just wanted to get see if anyone on here could share their day to day experiences with Smooth Collies! Many thanks

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Alertness: Seems this forum is not very active anymore; most Smooth Collie-people are now mostly writing on different groups on Facebook I guess . So you might want to try there if you're looking for more answers to your questions. Smooth Collies are said to be very easy-going and very easy learners. They generally do not get hyperactive if there are some calm days with no activities. Some may bark quite a bit but if one makes sure not to encourage barking from an early age it should be quite manageable. It's true that some Smooths may be a bit reserved or shy/timid. I say it is something you should watch out for. If looking for a puppy look for parents that are level-headed and sociable.

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