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"The Collie Standard - comments..." by Mia Ejerstad-Conti

Natalain: There are quotations from the book "The Collie Standard - comments about the Rough and Smooth Collie Standard and its interpretation" in one of Russian collie site. I think that it is one of the best comments to Collie Standard with pictures that we have. So I want to make links to this site: http://www.savita.spb.ru/standart-1.htm Here is 2 language: Russian and English. And international pictures

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Nina: The best Standard interpretation I've seen. I wish more Rough Collie breeders read that book...

Roberta Semenzato: really interesting i try to buy the bokk but without succes thank you for posting

Dianne: "standing with impassive dignity" is from the rough collie standard - the smooth standard says, and I prefer this -"Appears as gifted with intelligence, alertness and activity. Stands with dignity governed by perfect anatomical formation, with no part out of proportion to whole, giving appearance of working ability."Rough and Smooth Collies" by Stella Clark compares the rough and smooth standard and discusses the American standard, besides giving much of the information included in the book by Mia Ejerstad-Conti. It is published by Ringpress

Roberta Semenzato: Nina wrote: I wish more Rough Collie breeders read that book... yessssssss you're righttttt

Dianne: The book Mia Ejerstad Conti is no longer in print. But perhaps it could be found on E-Bay or in second hand book stores. Dianne

Miceri: I still have a few copies of this book available. Anyone who's interested, just send me an email at info@miceris.info

Natalain: Miceri I have write you

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