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Victorian Bushfires

Jencolcollies: As some of you may be aware, Vcitoria, Australia has experienced devastating Bushfires. At least 170 lives have been lost with the count not over yet. Families have been lost and kennels wiped out. The loss amongst the canine community is enormous, A family with 2 young daughters and there Alaskan Malamutes are amongst the deceased. Dogs Victoria have proven to be true leaders at this time and to raise funds for members who have lost their homes and kennels are raising funds to assist them to get back on their feet. To do this they are running an International Vitual Dog Show Details Here: http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/Content.asp?ID=277&SubID=369. Smooth Collie Community can be grateful that at this time all our members in Victoria are currently safe and accounted for. The story's coming from this disaster are horrific and any assistance that can be offered would be gratefully received. I will be entering my entire kennel, past and present. Jenny www.jencolcollies.com

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acting smooth: Yes, the bushfires are reported here too in every news. That must be terrible for the people there. About the Virtual dog show, is a picture needed or will it simply be a list of names? In both cases, I will enter my dogs, too. If that small money will help those people I'm glad.

Jencolcollies: Entry's only need to State, Breed,Name aof Dog, Owner and Owners address. Any and all help would be grately appreciated. We have given ourselves the goal of having the largest entry in the world. Even if it is only pretend. Catalogues will be made up and distributed to those who have been effected and an online copy for the rest of us. No Photo required.

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