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Uptown Girl:

Natalain: Uptown Girl

Duna: Uptown Girl ! Really choral singing! Very nice photo!

Natalain: Whaaat?

Natalain: Aaaam!

Selbit: The pilot !

Natalain: Selbit Wow! Garry is looking very good!



Mabinogion: hahahahahahahahahahaha



Natalain: Alertness Wow! Very compact smoothie Mabinogion I have one photo a little bit similar to yours (with tricolour singer): Song for mummy

Selbit: Natalain and Mabinogion In your kennels the future singers are born Alertness Very conveniently

Selbit: I wish to eat !

Mabinogion: Natalain,yours is great to and yes Selbit ,new sigers were born here ,i dont understand that they did not make a dvd yet

Henna: here for you! my sweet Anky sorry, these photos are very small.

Mabinogion: Selbit ,poor girl only a emthy plate Henna ,that face from your dog , hahahahahaahahahahahaahahah

Selbit: Selbit пишет: I wish to eat ! - Mabinogion,He is BOY (4 Month. ) ! Henna! O, yes! Sweet!

Mabinogion: OEPS ,SORRY Boy

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