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Uptown Girl:

Natalain: Uptown Girl

Duna: Uptown Girl ! Really choral singing! Very nice photo!

Natalain: Whaaat?

Natalain: Aaaam!

Selbit: The pilot !

Natalain: Selbit Wow! Garry is looking very good!



Mabinogion: hahahahahahahahahahaha



Natalain: Alertness Wow! Very compact smoothie Mabinogion I have one photo a little bit similar to yours (with tricolour singer): Song for mummy

Selbit: Natalain and Mabinogion In your kennels the future singers are born Alertness Very conveniently

Selbit: I wish to eat !

Mabinogion: Natalain,yours is great to and yes Selbit ,new sigers were born here ,i dont understand that they did not make a dvd yet

Henna: here for you! my sweet Anky sorry, these photos are very small.

Mabinogion: Selbit ,poor girl only a emthy plate Henna ,that face from your dog , hahahahahaahahahahahaahahah

Selbit: Selbit : I wish to eat ! - Mabinogion,He is BOY (4 Month. ) ! Henna! O, yes! Sweet!

Mabinogion: OEPS ,SORRY Boy



Henna: my little seal

Selbit: Alertness - Henna -

asandzan: Ummmm.... What can I say

Mabinogion: hahaha,well say nothing ,we know what you mean

Selbit: "I do not wish to stand on 4 legs" - puppy speaks! :

Natalain: Alertness Henna Henna is so sweet in this photo! asandzan Cool series!

Natalain: Natalain Night Watcher

Natalain: Karina and Natalain Night Watcher

Natalain: "One head and eight legs"

Natalain: "Spiteful creatures"

Shana: The ninjia Ensy

Selbit: Natalain & Shana -

Twinway: Just jumping like a little frog

Natalain: Twinway

Selbit: Twinway

Lea: English Friends

Twinway: Lea , your pics are really great !


Lea: Hektor-Rough

Lea: Minimundus in Slovenia...alle Weltweit bekannte Gebeude, Sehenswurdigkeiten im kleinen.

Duna: Lea, super shots with english friends!

Collie Dolli: They are all study English for tomorrow's exam. They study it 10 minutes ago.... (my husband and our girls :)))) "Oh, please, don`t turn round so poor wretch" They get tired with each other (by the way - this is new russian import smoothie - Milli Miller Vagev Vip Valek, he lives in Siberia. He`s LOVELY boy!) "Who is HERE?.............. 0_0 " "AT LAST I`m eat something in my forrrrrrrest" :))))))))) Dolli: " me, help me, it`s windy place!!!" Kessi: " sheltie is already fall down...."


Mariella: Great pictures!

Uptown Girl:

Lisa: Very nice pics, remembers me to Skip he can also do that trick with the stick...

IvanaR: Easy-going

IvanaR: HELP !!!

Lisa: great Picture, ivana ;-)

Natalain: Ivana Super

Selbit: IvanaR : HELP !!!

Lisa: Skip after CACIB Tulln:

Natalain: adgers

Roberta Semenzato: haha really super

Sini: Einari and his friend Wanni

Uptown Girl: find beagle

marakoopa: Yatho eating his bone.

Eposia: Great moment to see your pictures


Duna: mojito

Natalain: mojito Very expressive photos!!!


Uptown Girl: Phoebe is jumping

Collie Dolli: Bearded collie ph. & ow. Koree Key, Moscow

Eposia: Great

LBL: "Help! The bulldog is choking me!"

Alertness: ...but then I retaliate Berit

mojito: Guess who is on this photo

Duna: Giant Red Jerboa? Nice photo!


Duna: IvanaR Pinocchio-Dog

Eposia: Great

JT: Really great pictures here

MacGees: Let's dance..!

Duna: MacGees

Lisa: Good night and dream well...

mojito: How many collies can you see on this photo?

MacGees: The last one is great! My guess is three

Lisa: yeah, should be three...

Duna: mojito

Natalain: Nik - Natalain Non Stop - our frisbee maniac

MacGees: ^ ------ "The Lassie Circle"

Duna: MacGees

mojito: As you probably know smoothies are friendly dogs So...Mojito as angel


Lisa: such a sweet monster...


Lisa: such a lovely girl...

semi: AAAAAH Mojitko!!! Just present here a such new pictures... Have some from * noses family!!! Grand mum Sa vie with Niko... unisono* Grnad mum * NO coment... Dad Zenith + grnad mum.....

termite: great pictures mabinogion arwen undomiel "lilly" and sheriff "sammy" vom ihlpol

semi: just they are * SMOOTHIES*.....with their looong noses and mouths.....


Duna: mojito

Lisa: So, I will try to show you a few funny photos of Skip, but I might fail with the technical stuff well, it doesn't work...

Lisa: So, I'll try again I've created a new page on Skip's homepage, it is still in german but I will translate it for you: 10 reasons for loving a Smooth Collie

Duna: Lisa Thank you! Very weighty reasons!

Glenmorangie: Mojito -> Dracula and.... The Rough's Revenge ...... Best regards Françoise

semi: TOOOOO long winter time * make us perhaps a bit mad...

termite: oooh, i drank some beer, now i see twice _______ where is his second ear?

mojito: Glenmorangie wrote: Mojito -> Dracula and.... The Rough's Revenge ...... Ha ha, Mojito as Dracula Jana-GREAT photos And our one

MacGee's: She's got legs!