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Lea: Hektor-Rough

Lea: Minimundus in Slovenia...alle Weltweit bekannte Gebeude, Sehenswurdigkeiten im kleinen.

Duna: Lea, super shots with english friends!

Collie Dolli: They are all study English for tomorrow's exam. They study it 10 minutes ago.... (my husband and our girls :)))) "Oh, please, don`t turn round so fast...my poor wretch" They get tired with each other (by the way - this is new russian import smoothie - Milli Miller Vagev Vip Valek, he lives in Siberia. He`s LOVELY boy!) "Who is HERE?.............. 0_0 " "AT LAST I`m eat something in my forrrrrrrest" :))))))))) Dolli: "Ooooooooo...help me, help me, it`s windy place!!!" Kessi: "Oops...one sheltie is already fall down...."


Mariella: Great pictures!

Uptown Girl:

Lisa: Very nice pics, remembers me to Skip he can also do that trick with the stick...

IvanaR: Easy-going

IvanaR: HELP !!!

Lisa: great Picture, ivana ;-)

Natalain: Ivana Super

Selbit: IvanaR пишет: HELP !!!

Lisa: Skip after CACIB Tulln:

Natalain: Сadgers

Roberta Semenzato: haha really super

Sini: Einari and his friend Wanni

Uptown Girl: find beagle

marakoopa: Yatho eating his bone.

Eposia: Great moment to see your pictures

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