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Duna: mojito

Natalain: mojito Very expressive photos!!!


Uptown Girl: Phoebe is jumping

Collie Dolli: Bearded collie ph. & ow. Koree Key, Moscow

Eposia: Great

LBL: "Help! The bulldog is choking me!"

Alertness: ...but then I retaliate Berit

mojito: Guess who is on this photo

Duna: Giant Red Jerboa? Nice photo!


Duna: IvanaR Pinocchio-Dog

Eposia: Great

JT: Really great pictures here

MacGees: Let's dance..!

Duna: MacGees

Lisa: Good night and dream well...

mojito: How many collies can you see on this photo?

MacGees: The last one is great! My guess is three