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Lisa: yeah, should be three...

Duna: mojito

Natalain: Nik - Natalain Non Stop - our frisbee maniac

MacGees: ^ ------ "The Lassie Circle"

Duna: MacGees

mojito: As you probably know smoothies are friendly dogs So...Mojito as angel


Lisa: such a sweet monster...


Lisa: such a lovely girl...

semi: AAAAAH Mojitko!!! Just present here a such new pictures... Have some from * noses family!!! Grand mum Sa vie with Niko... unisono* Grnad mum * NO coment... Dad Zenith + grnad mum.....

termite: great pictures mabinogion arwen undomiel "lilly" and sheriff "sammy" vom ihlpol

semi: just they are * SMOOTHIES*.....with their looong noses and mouths.....


Duna: mojito

Lisa: So, I will try to show you a few funny photos of Skip, but I might fail with the technical stuff well, it doesn't work...

Lisa: So, I'll try again I've created a new page on Skip's homepage, it is still in german but I will translate it for you: 10 reasons for loving a Smooth Collie

Duna: Lisa Thank you! Very weighty reasons!

Glenmorangie: Mojito -> Dracula and.... The Rough's Revenge ...... Best regards Françoise

semi: TOOOOO long winter time * make us perhaps a bit mad...