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Natalain: MDR1 Databank MDR1 Defekt bei Collies (Dutch language)

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Kris: Thank you very much for linking our homepage www.mdr1-defekt.de. Well, if some are interested in more informations - here they come! This homepage and database was founded nearly two years ago and started with some German dogs. We provide new informations, articles and even studies about this gene defect. Therefore we are in contact with vets and scientists. We just hope to help that this serious mutation will be known by all and that breeders can start to heed this mutation within their breeding plans. But as we know very well that this calls for all their knowledge and skill we created this homepage and database to help them to find the right breeding partners. Therefore we show tested dogs in our database. There is a growing number of buyers (including breeders) looking for a dog which is not affected. Therefore we announce litters where no affected puppies will be. Our service is free. It´s not limited to certain test results, to certain clubs or countries. We show affected dogs as well as dogs from Russia, Luxembourg or the USA. They may have FCI papers or may be registered at the AKC or another club. With the help of old and new friends up to now we offer the main pages or our homepage in eleven languages. This are: Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish We show dogs of several affected breeds. As an example: In this our there are 76 Smooth Collies online, 40 of them are MDR n/n or MDR1 +/+, 31 Smooth Collies are from Germany, 9 smooth collies are from the USA, 2 from Canada. There are 272 Rough Collies, 181 Shelties (3 from Russia) and 246 Australian Shepherds. But we also have 18 Mini Aussie, none is MDR1 m/m or MDR1 -/-. We show 199 White Swiss Shepherds, 9 are from the Czech Republic and 59 from France. And there are 2 Bobtails. And in this our we announce 2 litters of Smooth Collies (both from Germany), 11 Rough Collie litters or 5 litters of Shelties, one of them from the USA. Our homepage will be updated at short intervals. So you should look at least every week for news. You are interested in showing your dog, too? Therefore you can use our online formular. We are just expecting our 1000. dog. Perhaps it´s your´s? Thank you very much for your attention! Kind regards from Germany, Kris

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