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Sick in a car

Nina: Do you have this problem with your smooths? My Tia starts vomiting after 5 minutes of driving, even if she had nothing to eat It's quite a surprise after my rough, who jumps into the car crazily, she always loved travelling! Is it possible to solve this without drugs? Should we drive her as much as we can, or should we avoid torturing her? Did any of you manage to cure this?

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Twinway: Hello, I had the same trouble with my smoothies. Finally, I gave them natural tablets "Scullcap and valeriane " From Dorwest herbs veterinary and now I haven't any problem with them when I want to travel and almost they loved to travel. These tablets are natural herby remedy. Good luck with Tia !

OnniToivo: One veterinary told me that most of the dogs get over that sickness before they are one year old. And it was like that with my dog anyway It is something to do with some tension and they normaly get over it. Miisa

Cinnaberry: Don't start giving any drugs! That's perfectly normal fo puppies. It's important that you just keep driving with her. It'll pass with time in 99% of cases Anne

Duna: We've had this problem with our Duna for approximately 1,5 years from her 1 year (I don't know if she had this problems before, because I've got her in this age) till 2,5 years old. It wasn't permanenet problem, just time-to-time, especially when Duna was nerveos. I think in our case car trips for different spaces became usual thing and almost all finishes are very positive for her (shows, countryside walks, trainings, etc). So, I agreed with Anna and Miisa - in the most cases this problem is just question of time (IMHO - and habit).

Nina: Time to write here again - Tia is now a year old and it's all OK... we never used any medicines

Natalain: Nina Nice to hear it!

willowhurst: Thats good to hear , our Mickey is 3 now and even he has off days but the shelties and our rough collie puppy have always been ok. it may be just a coincidence but I have the smaller ones on the seat in the back of the car and the bigger dogs in the back of the car , they do not move around as much on the back seat as the back, just make sure that someone is in the seat with them so they do not fall off the seat bless them. Just while they are puppies and then when they get bigger they can travel with the adults , I dont have a problem that way, like a I say , probably a coincidence but nice to see your little ones ok now

Dianne: Hope this doesn't give the impression that all smooths are sick in cars. Of our litters, some were sick and some not. We tried introducing them to the car gently - feeding them there and taking small journeys, but for those who were eventually sick, it made no diffference whatsoever!!!! It seems inborn. It's true that most puppies lose this travel sickness by one year. Probably, no medication is best, but in cases of desperation, Fleurs de Bach "Rescue" can help. Dianne

Nelson: Sick in car is most of the time cause by taking care of it.....owner of dog control dog during driving, make problem from its vomitting or other.....best is to go with car without any nerves of owner, dog will copy you...I have this experience with all my dogs.....all are able to jump to the car without no problem, and in car during driving they sleep. In summer I do the same like Dianne with puppies - open the car at the garden and play with dogs in car too....but this only in case, that I have at home new member, who need to know how is it in our group with cars:)))

Tommy2: When my dog was a puppy she was always getting sick in the car. We could not take her anywhere without an accident. She eventally grew out of this. Her mouth still gets really watery when we drive but no puke in a long time. Maybe try getting her a dog car harness for the car.He may feel more secure if he is strapped in.

Uruk: My smooth was carsick when he was a puppy too. And only after a short drive ( 10 minutes were enough ). However we did short distances every day and eventually he got better. At the age of 4 months, his sicknesses stopped. I noticed that it helped him if he was allowed to sit with the children. I also avoided feeding him 2 hours before the drive and left the window open so he got more air in the car.

Nina: Hello! Is that a new smooth in Slovenia? Is it Jack Mack's boy... or another one? Can you write us more about him and put some photos?

Jack Mack: Yes Nina, he is Jack Mack's Ur Annsa, a son of our lovely Multi Ch. Jack Mack's Myrna Maise and Jack Mack's Orga Oganaich (who is 50% american). We wish him a lot of luck and sucess in planed shows!

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