Health Interval between seasons?

Interval between seasons?

Nina: How much time passed by between the first and the second season of your smooth collie girl?

- 8

Jencolcollies: I have one girl who went 12 months and another who went 10 months. I have also had bitches who went 6 months. Very frustrating having bitches who go 10 - 12 months between seasons!

acting smooth: Our Laki just started her second season, 6 months from the first. I just hope she will have a little bit longer periods in the future as I plan to train and compete with her. Her mother Lettu has had 7 - 8 months between her seasons, that's quite good rythm.

Natalain: Most of our bitches have intervals between seasons from 8 to 11 monthes. 1 bitch has 4-5 monthes interval, and 1 bitch has 12-14 monthes interval.

OneWay's: I think the bitches often are like their mothers with their seasons. Most of my bitches have 8-9 months, but I also have bitches who has 1 year between their seasons and some has 6-7 months.

MacGees: Maggie has had 8 months between her seasons.

Nina: Me again... it's 8 months... just like her mom

Nelson: My girls: Egi 7 - 14months, Ribbie 7 - 8 months, Abigale 6 - 8 months, Lili 6 months.

Mabinogion: it changes sometimes ,it can be 6 months but olso 12 or afther a litter 14 months,but mostly they are around 8 months.