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OneWay's: And wonder why that many smooths die young?? Smooths has as I know been knowed to be healthy and live looong life, at leas 10 years, I had many who was 13 years and 15 years without ANY veterinary visits, so what's happening to the breed?? The ones on this link is just known dogs, so how many more who dies young we never know... click here

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asandzan: Innkeeper's All Blues (Simo) had cancer in his stomache. That seems to be the most usual reason.

Fanna: Is cancer generally common in the smooths? More common than with the rough ones?

Natalain: As I know the first russian smoothies were died for different reasons (somebody - enough early), but no one after cancer. But we have not many old smoothies in the meantime for valuable statistic of susceptibility to illnesses. My oldest smooth collie is 7 years old. Before smooth I had rough collies, one of them was died in 11.5 after cancer, other one was died in 14 year (no visible reason).

Mabinogion: i think it is the same as with humans ,some will be very old ,other old and others are die young! we have here in nederland many smooths who became 12,13,14 years old and sometimes we loose dogs younger on cancer or a accident. we all live in this world with a lots of pollution etc so olso more change to get sickes like cancer , i work as a nurse with terminal sick peopele and many peopele are old ,but olso we see serveral times humans died young ,around 30 or 40 years of ages. with dogs the ages around 4,to 7 is a dangerous ages to get cancer a vet told me ones. ferther the wolrd became much smaller with the internet,now we see more what happend all around us to then in the early days!

asandzan: I think that cancer is quite common in Finland, can't tell if there are differencies between smooths and roughs..

OneWay's: I've never heard earlier that cancer in smooths where common... But I think many breeders doesn't want to tell people about that, everything that can hides just hides. The only thing many are hysteric about is eyes, hips, mdr 1... and thing you easily can check. I got a young dog with cancer and asked at a forum in Sweden if someone else got that, because I wanted to know, no one answer. Things that are unoffical, that you don't have a register for doesn't exist, better to put the head in the sand.

Fanna: I find it quite scary if breeders are hiding illnesses that their dogs suffer from, at least if they continue to breed from them .

catrin: I have heard just a few cancer cases in Finland. I do not think that it is very common. I had earlier Bernese Mountain Dogs and among them cancer was (and I think still is) very common. As far as I know any of the dogs I´ve bred have not died in cancer (and if I remember correctly). Most of them who have died in their early days have been in an accident, got poison etc. I think we should be more open towards all kinds of illnesses. Maybe someday someone puts up a database where we can add the illnesses we have?

Nelson: I think that big difference from earlier times could be because of feeding of our dogs. In earlier times normaly food for dogs was more naturally then today, when many breeders feed dogs only with industry food (granuls) from little puppy age. Then is possible, that dogs has more problems. I got bobtail, when I was 16years old, who was in horrible condition and was fed with granuls. We've changed his food to naturally food and even he has cancer of sebacious glands from his 5, he was here with us till his 12. So because of this, I change food at all my dogs, and I feed puppies in start with naturally food too, because I want them to have strong digestion and immunity. Time will tell, if it will help, because now my oldest one will be 5 in April....I hope and believe, that it will help.

Riitta Korhonen: Smooth collie Helga Neiti Jaarli Juho " Jedi" had also cancer in his stomache. He was only 6,5 years old when we lost him. :( Unfortunally . it seems to be true ... cancer is quite common in Finland.

Lisa: it seems to me that cancer is quite common in the smooth - just in the last weeks died a Lightdancer bitch from switzerland from cancer, and a broodbitch in germany too - she was only 4 years old. I think this would be interresting to investigate because everyone should see that cancer is much more dangerous than cea or mdr1. but it's possibly a problem that you can only see this illness after some years when the dog has alreadyy had offspring. and also cancer is not as easy to track geneticaly - as jeanette says - not easy to test for.

Mabinogion: i have read that you will get more cancer with the offspring when the inbreeding is to high. then dogs can die young with cancer. cancer when you are older is a different thing.

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