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epilepsie ?

Mabinogion: in many breeds there is epilepsie ,now i wonder ,are there smooth who have epilepsie? and yes ,what are the rules in every country for breeding? i have heard from some epilepsie in germany and finland ,but are these incidents or do you see it more often in the smooth collie?

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OneWay's: Alertness it's true, but when I look at a pedigree and can se that 3 different lines with ep dogs is in that same pedigree, than I wonder where that honestly is? And people gladly buy these dogs to be new breedingstock...

Alertness: I can't answer in behalf of others, I don't know what breeders think or how much they know about the ancestors in the pedigrees of their dogs, but as I said I don't think it's possible to avoid all lines with ep cases in them all together, there wouldn't be enough breeding material. So if the epi cases aren't too close in the pedigree then the risk of ep in a chosen litter might not be too high, as long as one seeks to avoid inbreeding. Unfortunately breeding is always a risky undertaking as there are no 100% healthy lines anywhere. Things may pop up when you least expect it. That's why breeders need to respect each other and not blame each other

Godiva: OneWay's: Could you please tell us the names? With your knowledge you could help other breeders so much.

OneWay's: A few owners to ep dogs put their names in homepages... others say these dogs doesn't excist, and people who KNOW that these dogs had ep doesn't care. One newbie breeders should mate her bitch to a male who had ep dogs close relativs, I told her, she even called the owner of one of these ep dogs, but didn't care anyway... No one of these pups got ep as I know, but next time one of the pups where used on another smooth also with ep dogs close behind. I wish I didn't know about these dogs, much easier to breed use the nice males with long titles and doesn't care, just stuck the head in the sand, but I can't:(

Dianne: As usual the "still, small voice of calm" from Alertness

Dianne: As usual, the "still, small voice of calm" from Alertness. Thank you

Dianne: As usual, the "still, small voice of calm" from Alertness. Thank you

Dianne: Sorry - posted three times because I was not at the bottom of the posts, so didn't see my posts appear. Hope someone will remove two of these posts. I am rusty - haven't been online for some time

OneWay's: The newbies always knew best, if you never had any puppies or just had a few litter, you knew more than people who had this breed for a long time. Strange isn't it? to give advice to others when you doesn't know a thing about breeding...

nuedeli: I think the science of genetics is not a science which only experienced breeders are able to understand ! Inbreeding and linebreeding was usual so long, and as I confess, it was necessary to create the different breeds. But nowadays, with rising illnesses at every breed - we have to avoid that, as far as possible at our small genepool and we might have the possibilty to avoid genetic defects. To do a screening about all adult dogs over two years and install after that time a database should be successful and very helpfull, for breeders as well as for puppy buyers. But this proposal was refused by breeders at our anual Smoothbreeder meeting in 2011. So - what's to do ? Do what the "experineced breeders" do ? Who still double lines and even lines, which are known for producing epilepsy and heart defects ? The champion dogs with lots of titles have bad genes as every dog has, but by using them much to often, we diminish the gene pool constantly - superfluous to say, that our show system still does promote this practice. The phenotyp seems to be the only criterion for many breeders to choose a dog for their bitch. It is at the borderline of deception to produce narrow linebred puppies and give them to families, who do not care so much about beauty, but about health and character, and at least hope to keep this puppy for a dog life long. THIS is our responsibilty and not the creation of an ultimately beautiful animal ! And thankyou Alertness for your comments - only few breeders think like you !

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