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Blind puppies

roxinas: Just out of curiosity.... How many breeders has had puppies that where born blind?? The reson that I ask, is that in my last litter (Cessna C-litter) I had a puppy that was totally blind. I'm just curious if there is sombody else that has experienced this.

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Lisa: I am sorry for your sweet boy, I read it at your homepage... but I do not know of blind puppies so far (means not much, as I do not know everybody and everything ) I wish you good luck with finding out more about that and hope that your new litter has more kuck, as I saw that the parents eyes are also not totally clear.

Glenmorangie: So sad Personally, I have never experienced this case. By the past, when I bred Roughs, I have had some CEA affected pups but they never became blind. And I have had 2 pups CEA affected in my first smooth litter in 2008 but very slightly. I wish you a better future for your next litters Best regards, Françoise

Alertness: Interesting case Roxinas. Did the vet examine the puppy to find out what caused the blindness?

roxinas: The Vet discovered thet he had Mild CRD, Left eye with Colobom and the right eye had a micropapil. But he thought that most likely it was some malformation at the optic nerve or in the brain that caused the blindness.

Alertness: Sounds likely yes, I guess most of the time collies with coloboma don't go completely blind by it, depending on how big it is of course.

OneWay's: I still think it's strange that the eyevet didn't se the big coloboma when this dog was a little puppy, but saw that when he was 5 months old... If it was my puppy I should have wanted a second opinion from another specialist. If not how should we know in the future if we go to a vet and the puppy get very mild crd, and a couple of months later the same vet find a big coloboma... I don't get that.

roxinas: Well... as I said to you before ... It is'nt easy to see anything when the puppy doesn't co-operate at the eye exam... told you that the first time when he was 7 weeks and you also now that it was 2 vetrinerians that checked his eyes when he was 5 month old.... one of them examinator and the other one an eye exam student, the saw the same thing, so why should I get a third oppinion? The puppy was blind and that was what I was asking here... IF anybody else had experianced this. /Fia

Leneli: My I ask you on the fate of that puppy? In the database is the date of his death - you let him sleep? Thank you for answer.

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