Health frequency of vaccinations

frequency of vaccinations

Dianne: In France, dogs have to be vaccinated against rabies every year . We have heard that it is done only every two or three years in some other countries, but the vaccination is done alone, is stronger and more expensive. Can anyone give information please? Thanks

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termite: some weeks ago i talked with our vet about this. he told me in germany every vaccine is about 3 years. this is made by producers, but not every vet know this or write the right in vaccinate document. but he didn't recommend to vaccinate the dog only every 3 years, because there are no long-time studies for efficiency; the producer set this period of 3 years to maximize their sales. our vet also said that vaccinate every 3 years is not good for travelling, for some countries the dog must have a very high titer, and with vaccination every 3 years the dog cannot have this. so i decided to vaccinate sammy every year, although i could let make it every 3 years (it's the same drug). sammy is young, and i don't know about travelling in some years. and i think it's a too high risk, because rabies is no longer dead in europe...

acting smooth: I just got the Rabies vaccination for Laki: she had only this one shot, it is valid 3 years and the price was 28 euros. Those times we had rabies in Finland, we had to vaccinate our dogs every year, but now the disease has been long time not seen, so it's not needed so often. Hunting dogs still take their shots yearly.

Glenmorangie: Hi, Dianne wrote: In France, dogs have to be vaccinated against rabies every year NO. In France, since January 1st 2008, antirabies vaccination is NO LONGER required. - EXCEPT for the "political" categorised dogs as : 1st category -> all dogs type pit-bull, non-pedigreed Rottweiler, non-pedigreed Tosa and non-pedigreed Am'Staff (considered as pit-bull) and 2nd category -> pedigreed Rottweiler, pedigreed Tosa and pedigreed Am'Staff. These three breeds have to be yearly antirabies vaccined especially if they go in shows. - EXCEPT if you live or if you go to Moselle (north-eastern France) and Corsica departements. - EXCEPT if ANY dog has to travel through Europe zone (and elsewhere, of course). The protocole remains the same as before : 1 shoot 1 month before departure. Antirabies vaccinations must be validated on the European Passport which is, from now on, the only one veterinary document. If you want to know if your dog(s) is still immunised, you just have to do a blood sample for rabies antibodies. The minimum is 0,5 IU/ml antibodies. You can get the list of the official laboratories on the SCC website as well as further information about rabies vaccination. Thus, unless you go abraod, you can now save your money and let your Smoothies quiet about that Best regards, Françoise

Glenmorangie: (in English too) Best regards, Françoise

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