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Working Smooths

Nirreterrit: eee..., it will be easier to put link here - just look we love every work and sport! Is there somebody next, who competes in some sports/work?

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Natalain: Nirreterrit You have deal with so many tipes of working with your dogs! Great!!! Some of our smoothies have training in Russian national tipe of working: Common Traing Course. This is like IPO, but without aggresive components. I will try to find some photos about it in close time.

Alertness: Hi Nirreterrit I've really enjoyed the pictures of your working smooths on your website! IPO is not a common activity for smooths in other countries (as far as I know, except maybe for one smooth in Denmark that I've heard of), so it's fun that you are trying that too. I am also working with my smooths. I'm doing agility and obedience work with my female Sanni and obedience and field trials (search) with my male Nelson.

Duna: Hi! Nirreterrit! I'm very impressed pictures on your site! Duna and I are enjoy training in our national Common Training Course. We've passed exam with 1 degree with spring, but I'm still not fill myself quite sure to take participation in any working competition.

Madlen: We do ! Hello mother www.corpus-delicti.cz

Lisa: here is a picture of my Skip working with sheep. We do some all-day-obedience and some tricks, but it?s not enough for dogdancing yet...

Natalain: Last week our son Hardy (Natalain Hard Rock) get his first IPO degree! We are very proud of him!!! Thanks to Natalia Grushevskaja - his master and trainer for her activity!!!

Lisa: congratulation!

Natalain: Lisa Thank you! Also in the May 17 our Duna (Natalain Heilory Hope) took part in the Training Festival "Collie can everything!" . It was held in Moscow together with National Collie Show. Duna took part in the OKD competition (OKD is russian traditional trining course, something like obidience). She has success and have got 2nd place in this competition!

Collie Dolli: Lisa we (Dolly and some rough collies & pems) took part in herding test in feb 16. There is unofficial test (unfortunately, herding work is not accept as official in Rissia), but there was coooool Now we (I`m with my sheltie and Natalain with her smoothies) plan repeat this "crazy attempt" in august. Natalain, do you agree? Dolly

Godiva: Some sporting photos (not working photos actually) from us, too: We love agility the most, though.

Godiva: Our agility smoothies: Reetta, seven years, competes in class III: Uma, two years, competes in class I: Vallu, nine years, training just for fun: They love it.

Natalain: Godiva Great photos!!!

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