Working with smooths Smooth or tervueren

Smooth or tervueren

kjakub13: Halo, at the beginning I would like to sorry for my EnglishJ My names Kasia and I come from Wrocław in Poland. In 2002 I both a mix of Syberian husky his names WalkerJ From this moment I started interested in working whit the dogs. I completed with Walker the obedience course and we started training agility. Unfortunately Syberian Husky is very independent dog so I couldnt meet my expectations. I love him very much, and we reached a lot but I couldnt change his natureJ Im interested in very much dogs behavior and since last autumn I practice training activities in a school for a dogs. I had opportunities training agility with my friends Belgian Sheppard dog. Its was very big experience for me. I decided to have a second dog. I would like have a dog who loves working with a people. I have interested in smooth collie. Its not very popular bread in Poland, so I would like to known something about them behavior. Im going to buy a puppy around spring 2009. So I started looking. I would like to have a working dog because Im going to training with him agility, Frisbee and search & rescue. She (because Im going to have a bitch) should be good worker, likes fetch, be brave and independent. I like dogs who are smart but clever and bright, who are able to find a solution, to get out of a situation. I like intelligent dogs. I will be grateful to you for your help. I would like to known if the smooth collie are bread in my type of behavior of dogs. Im thinking about Belgian Sheppard Dog too so Ill have to decide. Greetings Kasia J

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Natalain: Hello Kasia, I think that smooth collie is a very good dog for not aggresive type of training. Smothies is active dogs with good intelligence, very cheerful, most of them are peaceful with other dogs, and almost all of them very good friends, they like children and very good family dog as a whole. Smooth collies like to have a good contact with master and they need to have some activities in their life. Smooth collies could be successful in agility, frisbee and searching. I don`t have belgian sheepherd at home, but my friends have some malinois and tervuerens. Smooth collies and belgian sheepherds both are active dogs with good characteristics for wide spectrum of trainings. In my opinion belgian sheepherd a little more "crazy" in training, they could be a little more "maniacal" in training, but they are more nerviuos and disposed to be agressive. So smooth collies is a more comfortable for every day life.

acting smooth: To compare of a collie or a belgie - it's a missoin impossible. There's so much to think about. If you look where to buy your pup, it's sure you'll get what you want - from both breeds. But in general, here's my opinions of their characteristics: Collie (smooth) is very intelligent and easy to handle at home and other common situations. She may not be as passonated worker as belgian, but in other hand she may be easier to deal with. Some belgies suffer a little bit poor nerves, collies can have problems with boldness. Both are sportitive but collie may loose here by her lower temperament, in the other hand belgies have more problems with their physics (hips, elbows and backs).

kjakub13: Hallo, thanks for your opinions. I have understood that you recommend a smooth collie:) But I'm afraid that smooth could be less willing to work in different situations (f.e. if is a lot of people). I don't know if they like a lot of work - like BS (they love working always and everywhere).

Natalain: kjakub13 of couse we prefer smooth collies Because here is the forum of smooth collies lovers. I`m sure that in the forum of belgian sheepherd people will prefer belgian sheepherd I think you need to decide for yourself what your main purpose: * to live with good working dog or * to work with excellent working dog and you are ready to suffer some problems with her in your life.

Natalain: I want to add that smooth collies are much more active and full of enthusiasm for working that rough collies.

Gabriela: kjakub13 I think there's no difference between smoothies and tervuerens in terms of enthusiasm for working. Smoothies are probably a little less fast in sports based on quick changes in direction like agility, flyball etc. and more independent than tervuerens. But unlike tervuerens smoothies tend to be self-confident and have good nerves anywhere and at any time. I love both Belgians and smoothies, but I prefer smoothies because of their trouble-free manners. In addition, if I preferred success in sports I would choose Belgian malinois, not tervueren - there's far more considerable difference between tervueren and malinois shepherds than between tervuerens and smoothies.