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Finnish working trials

acting smooth: Working trial championships for collies were held yesterday, 30.8.2008. Only two collies out of 16 gained a working title, and no champion was named because dogs competing in highest level did not reach qualification points. But still, we did see many good performances. Here's some pictures of the obedience part. Sorry for the bad quality, my camera is not very effective and my hands were frozen... Dogs who achieved working title were JK1 PimBulan Williruusu (rough bitch) JK1 PimBulan Xavier (Smooth male, dob.25.3.2006 Tanning Ledin-P - Selbit Hunky Dory)

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Natalain: acting smooth Thank you for message and for your photos!!! It`s very interesting! I`m glad to see that Xavier is such successful in training as his parents! Could you tell which other parts of working trial (in addition to obidience)?

acting smooth: A Finnish working trial consists of three different parts: obedience, object search and the main sport, which in this case is either tracking or air-scent searching. Maximun pointis are 300 (obedience 100, objects 30, search / track 170). To get qualified, a dog must get 220 points, and 70 points of that must be from obedience. As in most dog sports, here is also three classes: class 1 (=novice) class 2 (=open) and class 3 (=winners class). To move into higher level a dog has to earn a title from lower level. Tracking titles are JK1, JK2 and JK3, searching titles HK1 HK2 and HK3. Once moved up you may not take part on lower level again, unless you change the event-type.

Natalain: acting smooth Thank you very much for your explanation!

JT: I would like to know what does the object search mean? Does the dog has to choose from different pegs the right one (the one who has his owners smell) or does he have to find it somewhere hidden place?

Godiva: The dog must find the object and bring it from the searching area (50x50 meters) which is usually in the forest. In class 1 the dog must find one object in five minutes, in class 2 two objects, and in class 3 three objects. Those objects are usually ordinary things anybody can find at home, gloves for example.

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