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Smooths in obedience

acting smooth: We had last weekend here areal championships in obedience. Our team included 3 smooth collies: Foxearth Firepoint "Kyösti", Acting Lady Luck "Laki" and Dalimattas Action Lady "Lettu". Kyösti and Laki got 1:st prize in novice class. Here is a picture of our team, note that woman with an australian shepherd has also a smooth collie at home, and woman with a groenendael puppy has also smooth bitch who was entered, but had to stay at home because her seasons started. Quite good smooth representation, wasn't it!

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Twinway: Yes ! Great to see some smooths practice obedience ! Congratulations for your work with your smoothies !

Nelson: With Nelson we were on Saturday 1.5.2010 at Spring obedience competition in beginners class and we were 8. from 12 teams:)) and made our first obedience exam with result Good! I am very happy, Nelson is very handsome boy Video at our website www.grenay.cz

termite: congratulations

Alertness: Wow, well done all of you! It is so nice to see smooths competing.

JT: Congratulations & keep up the good work

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