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Gabriela: Would you like to take up flyball? It is quite easy. Just get a dog having a ball instead of the brain Let me introduce two Czech flyball boys: Georg Krasna Louka and Fakim Krasna Louka They both took part in the European Flyball Championship 2008. Georg and his team won the 3rd place in the 7th division. Another smoothie, a tricolour bitch from Germany, participated at the championship as well, but unfortunately I don't know her name.

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acting smooth: We have trained flyball and our late "Antti" was demonstrating the sport in Jyvaskyla Int Dog Show around years 2000-2001. He really enjoyed it! It would really be fun, just haven't enough time to do everything.

Gabriela: acting smooth wrote: just haven't enough time to do everything I agree. Can't be everywhere and can't do everything.

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