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IvanaR: Hello, in Czech a several smoothies are interesting in coursing. We tryed it with our boys (Skip and Odie) too. They like it VERY MUCH!

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Natalain: WOW!!! It`s great new hobby Odie looks so masculine in his last photos

JT: Very nice pics. The boys are so into it :) enjoying themselves, really cool! IvanaR, could you please tell a little bit about the coursing. What are the rules, etc? Thanks!

IvanaR: We are just beginners , there are smooth collies which already have licence for official races. I saw many other breeds to course http://www.coursingbrno.cz/index.php?inc=galerie In the photos upstairs are Georg Krasna Louka, Anabela of Bohemia Balada, Mighty's Spring Meadow Beatrix Lady and our boys Skip (Escape Krasna Louka) and Odie (Nightfall Natalain). During Coursing, canine athletes run over an open field terrain that includes a course of natural and man made obstacles. The goal for the dogs is to chase and ultimately to reach the lure. This lure is made out of tied together plastic stripes and it is dragged over the course by a winch and a system of pulleys. The competition usually consists of two heats (rounds) and the obstacle courses are build to test the fast running dogs' speed and ability to turn as well as their general fitness, stamina, eagerness and intelligence. Results of Coursing competitions are determined by five criteria. The judges look at each dog's speed, efforts, agility, inteligence and stamina. Each dog can achieve up to 100 points and to qualify for second round he/she needs to get at least 50 points from round one. Coursing is not supposed to turn domestic dogs into fierce hunters; rather it tends to engage these athletic canines in an exciting, competitive and fun discipline based on dogs' natural hunting instincts.

Lill: Oh how fun!! They look like they are really enjoying them selfs. Here in Norway only Sighthounds are allowed to Course, but I might be able to try it out on some unofficial practice. (I've had Borzois for a few years now, and tried it out with them.)

Twinway: ! They have a lot of fun !

termite: can someone tell me something about the coursing licence, please? i'm very interested in it, i've asked the german greyhound club, in germany it's not possible than another breed then greyhound and co can make this licence. how is the execution in czech, e.g.? is it possible in czech greyhound club, or does czech collie club offer this? i'm very thankfully for every information, also from other countries!

Dasha: Hi, in Czech can other breed make coursing licence. The dog needs (to be licensed) two license runs in pair and one solo run. If aren´t on the race (there is the opportunity to run the license course), two dogs of the same breed, pair is make of dogs adequately same big and fast.

termite: thanks for the answer :-)))) how much does it cost?

Jack Mack: We tried some of our smooths unofficially during the shows in Offenburg where there is a coursing ground on the showground - well, problem was, they were too fast and cought the rabbitfur and took off with it LOL

termite: unbelievable

Eposia: Wonderful pictures

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