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moonlight: At the end of October there was the first race is agility Becky Lucca for a Grand Prix Tuscany!

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JT: I didn't know where to put this little movie under. But finally decided that here under agility topic would be ok. Here is a movie of Aapo's sister Milli Miller Vallatu Vanessa (Shella), who is really good in agility. Unfortunately the pictures don't show her speed. Our trainer calles her a little border collie, because she is so guick Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1j6hKb1SaA&feature=channel_page

Glenmorangie: Congratulations Francesca Im sorry JT I can't see videos because of my (still) too low bandwidth but I am sure that she was good Best regards, Françoise

Jack Mack: Congrats Becky and Francesca !! She was always my favourite, remember

Eposia: Congratulations, beautiful pictures and the video extra

moonlight: Thanks to everyone for the compliments! I try to do my best! The video you put Jt is breath-taking! is beautiful! Congratulations to your friend!

moonlight: for Jack Mack do not forget! Thank you! I lure much what you wrote ...

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