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Duna: First time I've used frisby disk to give Duna (Natalain Heilory Hope) some additional activity during our walks. Then she has turned to frisby-maniac... Now her son Vovan (Natalain Prime Minister) plays frisby too. This summer we have started participate in open frisby competitions with Vovan (unfurtunately, Duna has started her seasons in the same time, but I hope she'll take part next time) and Natalain Tarielle with her owner. Our first start was at June 6th, there were Pitch&Go competitions (Vovan became 12 from about 50 participants) and then frisby competition. Tarielle was catching rolls, and Vovan take part in precision (accuracy? sorry my English! I don't know an English term for it) part in two classes - progress and open. Our second start was in open competitions on "White Nights-2009" CACIB Show. The main idea of this competitions was to show people frisby as a fine (and fun) dog sport and promote it. Tarielle and her mother Shana (Selbit Harmony Nataline) were catching rolls, and Vovan participated in in precision (accuracy?) part in progress and open classes and in range part. For rolls and precision competitions field was marked on sections, every section give some points (farther section gives more points), and you can get additional 0.5 point if dog catches in the jump (all feet are in air). In rolls and progress yuo have 60 seconds from start to finish, and in open class you have 90 seconds and in result goes 5 best throws (catches). If anyone is interesting in field marks - I could post a scheme, which were used. In range part you can throw only 3 times, the best catch (longest distance) goes to result. The longest distance wins. Vovan's results: precision competitions in progress class 4th (from 12 dogs) in open class 3rd (from 8 dogs) range competitions 3rd from (4 dogs) Some photos from "White Nights-2009" Frisby: Natalain Tarielle (7 months, because she is younger then 12 months she can participate only in rolls)

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Duna: Shana (Selbit Harmony Nataline, 7,5 years) *She was trained only 1 week before this day. And now she is really frisby-fun too...

Duna: Vovan (Natalain Prime Minister, 16 monthes) Photos by Marina Smirnova:

Spiritwind: great pictures!! I always though Frisbee dog events look like so much fun!!

Duna: Thank you! Yes, it's a lot of fun as for dogs so for people!

Eposia: Beautiful pictures

JT: Excellent story and pictures! We don't have unfortunately any frisbee competition or anything related to it. But we are also big fans of it it developes speed and balance and is also very fun game to be playing with your dog.

acting smooth: It looks nice and fun! What material are those frisbees you use? Is there some rule for it or can you choose your own frisbee? Some toy materials seem to brake when dog catches them so I've wondered about this. How important is that you can throw it well and far? (I'm a lousy thrower... )

Duna: JT In St.Petersburg first frisby competitions was this winter (in Moscow and some over cities of Russia it's longer history). Then next one was in May, then June 6th. So it was only 4th competition in our city. Probably, You could start frisby competitions in Estonia! acting smooth We've started with Trixie's frisby - it's very soft disk (made frome some kind of light rubber). But this disk are too soft for rolls, so now we use Hyperflite discs (made from special plastics, Jaws for Duna and Comptition Standart for Vovan - it's their own preferences ). Hyperflite disks fly better, but it's not so durable as Trixie's disk, IMHO (when dog catches plastic disk some times little holes from dog's teeth can appear, because it quite soft to be safe for teeth). As I remember there is not any special rule (at least yet) for choosing disk, except that disk should be safe for dog (I have to check it, actually). If you can throw disk well - it's easy for dog to catch it, but if you are not advanced thrower - it's an additional training for dog's ability to catch disk. Any way it's fun.

JT: Duna, that is not that bad idea actually I shall gather my thoughts and will see maybe we could have our very first frisbee competition in Estonia as well I would really like that Duna, can you please write me more (rules, etc) and send me some materials (field marks or related) of the competition? But I wanted to add that couple of months ago we ordered from http://www.frisbeewinkel.nl/ multiple amount frsibee's. We are very pleased. I also ordered this elite frisbee http://www.frisbeewinkel.nl/product_info.php?products_id=401, and I can say it fly's really far and I think it would be good in frisbee competition where you want to fly the frisbee as far as possible.

Duna: JT We used national rules by Russian Assosiation of Dog-Frisby (General rules and schemes and Rolls and Progress class details, sorry but it's in russian only). But as I understand, our rules were based on USDDN rules.

Godiva: Nice photos! It's very interesting to hear about new dog sports. My smooth girls Reetta and Uma are both mad about frisbee catching and Uma's father Patu was quite a champion in it! It could be funny to attend some competitions, too. If not in Finland, maybe in Estonia.

acting smooth: Well, StPetersburgh ain't so far either... maybe we could drive there one day fo competition? I'm not so interested travelling only for dog shows, but if there's some other activities I would think about it

Natalain: acting smooth Welcome! Next June (11-12-13) we will have big event: 2 CACIB shows and (the main for us!) National Smooth collie show (with Club Winner title for BD and BB). In the day of smooth collie show we will spend some sport competitions for smooth collies (frisby will hold too). Also in one of CACIB show will hold all-breed frisby competition too

acting smooth: Thanks Natalain, I'll book it on my calendar

Natalain: acting smooth I will realy glad to see you in Petersburg!

acting smooth: At least I have whole winter time to improve my russian language

Nelson: Hi there, son of my Nelson - Atlantik Bila Kaнfa - competed in our championship here in Czech - they were with his owner 3rd in beginners, 17th in minidistance and 25th in timetrial:)) Here is some video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRYM1oTy1zI Some pictures you can find here: http://acidapple.info/fotogalerie/galerie/2009-06-27/mr-v-dogfrisbee

JT: Wow really nice video and the music suits with it really good

Lisa: really noce video. i`ve been at a trickdog- and dogfrisbee seinar in germany last week with only smooths and two mixed-breeds :-) it was great fun and we explored frisbee as a great type of dog sport - skip loves it absolutely, but he too plays with a LOT moree tempo than the dog in the video and also more tempo than the other smooths last week... i`ll try to put in some pictures... but one also must say that frisbee is very very dangerous if not well playd! it is important to choose the right disc for the dog and tempo, and to throw in a way that the dog wont injure itself. skips grandmother died in an frisbee accident, so dont underestimate the possibility of getting hurt if either dog or owner are not trained well enough.

Duna: Lisa, Nelson Really nice video and photos!

Lea: BRAVO Lisa and Nelson ( 5* )

Duna: September 13 we've been participated in frisby competition in St. Petersburg with a team of 6 smooths (from 10 months to 7.5 years old). There were: Natalain Tarielle (Tasya) and Natalain Non Stop (Nick) (with their owner - Marina Dmitrusenko), Selbit Harmony Natalain (Shana, 7.5 years) (with Marina Sandler), Natalain Norton Commander (Norton), Natalain Heilory Hope (Duna) and Natalain Prime Minister (Vovan) (with me). Marina Dmitrusenko and Marina Sandler were so "lucky" to get traumas (separately) just in a day before competitions, unfortunately. Our team (from left: Nick, Tasya, Raita(Natalaine Nota Bene, cheer-leader of the day), Shana, Norton, Vovan, Duna; people: Marina Dmitrusenko, Natalain, me): Our achivments: In rolls (4 smooths from 13 dogs) Norton - 4th place ([url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl_WV0WhEgA ]video[/url]) Tasya - 5 Shana - 9 Nick - 11 In progress (4 smooths from 21 dogs) Duna - 4 th place Vovan - 11 Nick - 12 Shana - 17 In open class (precision (accuracy?), 18 dogs) This time there were two tours in open class: Vovan - 3rd place (video, I'm not sure about class) Nick - 14 ([url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHO7DtE8s5o ]video[/url] - first tour, was stopped because Nick was not be able to leave Lady's letter unanswered) Shana - 15 and In open class (range?, 2 smooths from 9 dogs) Vovan - 1st place Duna - 2nd place!!! A lot of wonderful photos are [url=http://marina-sandler.gallery.ru/watch?a=Wz4-dhpx), ]in Marina Sandler gallery [/url] (all paticipants, not only smooths). Some of photos: Marina and Nick on Start line: Tasya: Norton: Shana before start in rolls: and in progress: Nick: photo from forum http://lai.ucoz.ru/forum/36-2322-2 Vovan: Duna (between classes, just plays): Vovan and Duna:

IvanaR: Super Natalain, wonderful photos! Congratulations

Dianne: Great photos and video - I wonder where we can get training in France. Dianne

Gabriela: Um waiting......... .....running........ ....going to get it Cake Krasna Louka taken by Ivan Ruzicka

Lisa: very nice! but i can't see the wiating picture...

Gabriela: trying to insert the waiting picture once again:

Duna: Gabriela Very nice pictures!

Gabriela: Duna Thanks. Good luck, we have several fantastic photographers with smoothies here in the Czech Republic: Ivan Ruzicka, Tereza Hillebrantova, Libor Hillebrant and Josef Ourednik

Duna: Gabriela Thank You! Gabriela wrote: we have several fantastic photographers with smoothies here in the Czech Republic: Ivan Ruzicka, Tereza Hillebrantova, Libor Hillebrant and Josef Ourednik Yes, they are really fantastic photografers with golden hands!

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