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Duna: First time I've used frisby disk to give Duna (Natalain Heilory Hope) some additional activity during our walks. Then she has turned to frisby-maniac... Now her son Vovan (Natalain Prime Minister) plays frisby too. This summer we have started participate in open frisby competitions with Vovan (unfurtunately, Duna has started her seasons in the same time, but I hope she'll take part next time) and Natalain Tarielle with her owner. Our first start was at June 6th, there were Pitch&Go competitions (Vovan became 12 from about 50 participants) and then frisby competition. Tarielle was catching rolls, and Vovan take part in precision (accuracy? sorry my English! I don't know an English term for it) part in two classes - progress and open. Our second start was in open competitions on "White Nights-2009" CACIB Show. The main idea of this competitions was to show people frisby as a fine (and fun) dog sport and promote it. Tarielle and her mother Shana (Selbit Harmony Nataline) were catching rolls, and Vovan participated in in precision (accuracy?) part in progress and open classes and in range part. For rolls and precision competitions field was marked on sections, every section give some points (farther section gives more points), and you can get additional 0.5 point if dog catches in the jump (all feet are in air). In rolls and progress yuo have 60 seconds from start to finish, and in open class you have 90 seconds and in result goes 5 best throws (catches). If anyone is interesting in field marks - I could post a scheme, which were used. In range part you can throw only 3 times, the best catch (longest distance) goes to result. The longest distance wins. Vovan's results: precision competitions in progress class 4th (from 12 dogs) in open class 3rd (from 8 dogs) range competitions 3rd from (4 dogs) Some photos from "White Nights-2009" Frisby: Natalain Tarielle (7 months, because she is younger then 12 months she can participate only in rolls)

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