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myrnash: Just wanted to mention that my US import bitch Kate (Ability's Kate of Ohadi HSAS) has now been awarded the title of ROM-P - Register of Merit, performance. Five of the pups from her first litter, born in the US, have now achieved herding titles.

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Lisa: Wow, congratulations!

Natalain: myrnash Congratulations!

Dianne: Hi Myrna Do you think it possible that collies in America have retained more of their herding instincts than those in Europe?

JT: Congratulations!

Jack Mack: Myrna, congratulation !! Dianne, most of Cozy's relatives in America have hering titles. I think there are many more possibilities there to attend herding classes and competitions than here, especially in Germany we hardly have any possibilities and if there is a seminar it is always filled with Border Collies before you even get to know about it I know of some of my dogs they would love to work in herding but then I would have to buy some sheep myself...... Gudrun

myrnash: I think that with the smooths, there are probably still many in Europe that have good herding instincts, but as Gudrun says, they don't have the same opportunities they have in the US, and there is not so much interest. In the US there is a lot of interest now in performance, and many show people are also doing various sorts of performance work with their dogs. However, I would say that the European roughs probably have very little instinct left. Myrna

Lea: Congratulations!

Dianne: Hi Gudrun - do you have space for sheep in your new place? Dianne

Jack Mack: Well Dianne, we have the space but I think I am too old to start a new job as a shepherd We rather keep it the other way around, like here, Bill with his herd [img]http://jack-macks.de/jm/Bill%20mit%20allen%20web.jpg[/img]

Jack Mack: oh heck, forget it !!

Alertness: Congrats on Kate's ROM-P; what a merit! Berit

Dianne: They would keep the grass down and the dogs would eat their droppings. If our local semi-wild sheep are in the forest, young dogs love to eat what they drop!!!!! Sorry we couldn't see Bill with his herd - will try to sort out the web address

Jack Mack: Dianne, it is on the fist page of our website www.jack-macks.de

Eposia: Congrats

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