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Sled smoothies :-)

Collie Dolli: Our new sports hobby is... sledding. If to tell more precisely, towage of the runner during a snowless season and towage of the skier in the winter. Now we while only study, but Dolli (Natalain Normandia) possesses a huge "drive", so, I hope, at all of us it will turn out. Here`s Dolli and her son Grazel Antares (dressed ib blue)

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Lisa: wow, that looks like fun :-) how is the dog trained to pull? i think skip would always turn back to me instead of running ahead

Collie Dolli: Lisa Fortunately I had not to train a dog to pull. Dolli has a fantastic "drive" and it simply enough to dress equipment and to shout "GOGOGO" Usually beginning dogs require presence of a leader-dog which they catch up. For Dolli no leaders are necessary, she directs forward even if anybody is not present nearby. Special "clothes" and "GOGOGO" are only important things for her Very interesting behaviour for a dog of non-sledding breed! At the same time she has quite comprehensible level of city obedience, being without a lead. I.e. without a lead she does not escape anywhere and walks always absolutely near to me

Uptown Girl: My sled smooth collies:

termite: soooo great, both; pictures and videos! which kind of harness do you take (perhaps with a link)? and which size? i dont have a sledge, but perhaps will try to running

Nina: This is great! Wish I could try something similar...

Uptown Girl: I have this harness for both dogs. But I'm not very satisfied with it, it goes too much to sides at the dog's back. It is enough good for dogtrekking, but no for faster disciplines (canicross, sled...). This harness (but sewed bespoke) I have bought for Meghan for canicross, and this is fantastic. I must buy one also for Phoebe. (At the video, Phoebe have the first harness, Meghan the second one.)

semi: Like it Petra.. I look at those harness and is a big * different..hm so there for was Phoebe more tired at longer run as Meghan..hm We have just those first types...

Godiva: These sports are so nice and funny! My Uma trains just canicross with my fiancé (also during winters) but her sister Tosca trains skijoring with her owner and these little girls really know how to pull! Luckily we usually have lots of snow in Southern Finland, too. There's one thing I want to mention: The leash must be at least partly elastic for the dog's sake and also for the skier's/runner's sake.

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