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Problems with this forum?

Natalain: If you have proposals or any problems with this forum, please write here about it.

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Mabinogion: hai Natalain i want to put a atavar ,but it is not the same way as the other forums so i try loth of things ,but noting works ,so now i put it somewere else ,but i like to be in my atavar. what do i need to put in ?

markylla : Iwant to become a registerd user \\\\\\\\\\what must I do Markylla.marijke@planrt.nl

Copy: Can you help me take away my pics in the photoalbum ????

Natalain: Copy I deleted photos in your topic. All registered users can edit their posts.Under all of your posts you can see a button "edit". Push it and you can edit text. markylla I see that you have success in registration. Well done! Nice to see you here!!! Mabinogion I make a special topic about avatars, because some people ask about it. Please see it here. Hope it will help to you!

Mabinogion: i saw it ,thank you

Dianne: Hello Natalain - I seem to have made a mistake in the section for announcing litters. I don't know what I did wrong - can you have a look at it please - and sorry! http://smoothcollie.forum24.ru/?1-8-0-00000001-000-0-0-1250547958 Dianne

Natalain: Dianne http://smoothcollie.forum24.ru/?1-8-0-00000050-000-0-0

Dianne: Thanks so much Natalain - Dianne

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