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Problems editing profile

colliesrtops: Hi! I'm new, and would like to edit my profile and upload a profile jpg. It will let me login, but when I try to edit it won't save and says I have the wrong password. Can yuou help me? Cindy USA

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GlenmorangieCollies: Hi and welcome ! Sorry for late answer, it's a while I did not come here. I just made a try on my own profile. Explanation : when you want to modify your profile you have to enter your password in the very last field to fulfill before clicking on the Edit button. It's a bit confusing because there are two fields for password : the first is for changing your password if you wish, the second, under, is for enter your current password in order to save the changes you make within your profile. This is this one your must use for validate your changes and after that you click on the Edit button. Hopefully I am clear ! Best regards, Franoise from France

GlenmorangieCollies: My name is Françoise, not Franoise