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Smooth collie database

Uptown Girl: Smooth collie database - almost finished - Have someone photos of some of this dogs? DK -Foxearth Forever Loving -Poulsgaards Double Diamond -Poulsgaards Kathy A Key To Kisses FI -Baubon's Citizen Zip -Baubons Jolly Jumper -Baubons Super Start -Colombian Friends Go With Grace -Dalimattas Day Dream -Dalimattas Lady Lapponia -Dalimattas Lili Marleen -Dalimattas Svarta Malin -Dalimattas Svarte Fridolf -Glennfields Gordiet Girl -Kangasvuokon Gitte La Gaala -Karenclans Court Lover -Karenclans Florence -Karenclan's Kate Gamona -Karenclans Lucky Mariner -Sunsweet Gift of Love -Tanliys Sister Jane GB -Astrellita The Saddle Tramp -Darsign Scarlett OHara at Foxearth -Fools Errand at Foxearth -Foxearth Antoc Firelight -Foxearth Fenix -Foxearth Fern Ominal -Foxearth Fido -Foxearth Flambera -Foxearth Furlong -Foxearth Guy Fawkes -Foxearth High Fidelity -Foxearth Smooth Finish -Hilltarn Hidden Dreams -Newarp Dark Sorcerer RU -Scandyline Abstract Dream SE -Advance Jumping Jack Flash -Astrellita Abba -Clearmount Turn Me Loose -Fairlines Classic Smooth -Fairlines Faraway Pegasus -Foxearth Fashionable -Glennfields Garrison -Talcott Fugitive -Treewood Golden Delight If do, send me it please to I would help me very much. And if someone know results of european or world dog show older as 1998 (BOB, adult winners, youth winners), it would be also fine. Of course, I welcome every correction, addition, ideas! And there are a little problems with freehostia... (I'm sorry for occasional failure.) I'll probably have to remove database to another hosting. Have you tips for another free webhosting (without advertising)? E-mail address:

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acting smooth: NIce work you have done, really One thing I noticed, you have taken many pics from my website. I have nothing against it as I see they are used right and in good purpose, but as I mention on my site those pictures are not all my own property, and therefore I cannot give a permission to use them. I'm not asking you to remove them, no, I'm just "washing my hands" and hope no one doesn't get nettled. I also have quite a many pics of those dogs you mentioned above, but they are not on my computer, I try to post them ASAP.

Nina: This might not be the right place... administrator(s), if you think it's offtopic, feel free to move it :) I found this photo... It was taken 6 years ago at CACIB Zagreb... and I completely forgot about it. Dog's name is Timonan Fellow Fenix, he's owned by Angelo Guerci from Italy. Does anyone know anything about this dog? Does he have any progeny in Italy or near? What about Mr. Guerci, does he still have smooths?

Mabinogion: a few years i had some little contact with the owner of the dog and i know he had a few litters from him with his own bitches! ferther i dont know anything.

Nina: Thanks! Do you maybe know which bitches?

Uptown Girl: In kennel Della Verde Scozia (, there one his daughter is living - Gift.

Mabinogion: Nina wrote: Thanks! Do you maybe know which bitches? no sorry ,i dont know the names of them ,i know he had a bitch from Dandidas ,

Nina: Thanks! It's Dandinas Finnish Gift I guess... I wonder where are their puppies now, what do they look like...

Mabinogion: i have no idee?!

davide: *PRIVAT*