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New design of Database!

Uptown Girl: Hi! New design of Smooth Collie Database is here! What do you think about it? http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/

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Jencolcollies: Great Work, I enjoy going to the database and it just keeps getting better.

Gabriela: a great idea to start a new section with available youngs and adults!

Roberta Semenzato: super

Nina: Looks excellent, clear, easy to use... great work!

semi: Hi Petra - great work, I just found, case the old address I had eas not found... really helpful job you did!!! Jana + noses

Uptown Girl: Jencolcollies Gabriela Roberta Semenzato Nina semi Thank you!

Natalain: Uptown Girl Great work! Very nice new design!!! I have 2 questions. In the old design you had page when were 20 latest new dogs in Database. Is there page in new design? It was very comfortable. And also almost the same about puppies page. Is it possible to arrange litters in the order of borning or addition? In this case we could see new litters better. What do you think about it?

Twinway: Wondeful work

marakoopa: I realy like your database. It's getting better all the time.

Uptown Girl: Natalain http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/news.php Can be? Twinway marakoopa Thank you!

Mabinogion: you have done a great job! i really enjoy looking to it! i shall male a link on our pages to this!

Alertness: It is an excellent website, both the new lay-out and of course the unique content . Keep up the good work; smooth collie lovers are really lucky to have you! Best regards Berit

Flying Heartbreakers: Hi Petra, Congratulations for your wonderful and great job what you have and are doing for this specially database. A great idea and a lot of work. You are so fast in ad news, that is so super. You can be proud about your work and we can be happy to have you with your great database. Paulus Monique & the Flying Heartbreakers

OneWay's: Great with a database with smooths. BUT have you ask if you are allowed to use all these pictures?? I don't think so... Maybe I want to have a chance to say no I don't want you to use this picture of my dog. I know that some pictures are copyright on.

Uptown Girl: OneWay's Yes, you have right, by many photos (not only of your dogs) I don't have permission use them... I know, it isn't fair and correct. But I use so only photos, what are something in internet, so if someone want, would find them. And there is always name of dog and so complete informations about it, as possible. Something can happen, I use worser photo (when I don't have other). But I'm always willing change it, if I get better. I hope, you aren't angry at me. Goal of this database isn't harm to something, but serve to all smooth collie breeders, owners and lovers. BTW, I have written to much breeders and owners for photos or informations etc. And from many I became no answer, nothing... So, if I always wait to answer, permission, I would have in database so 300 dogs, not 2569, as at this moment. And through this way, want to thank to all people, who send me photos, informations, news to the database!!! And also to all, who like database and support it! I'm sorry for my bad english.

Mabinogion: i think you have done and do a wonderfull job! it is very handy and so much to see. you have our permission to use the photo's who are standing on our homepages and if i got new one ,i shall mail it to you! keep up the great work!! and thank you !!

fay hutchings: fantastic database, i didthe champion database in the uk, i owe the website www.thewirehaireddachshund.c.uk, where it is, i shall update the name in due course, but with my other breed dachshunds and moving recently dont get lot of time at present. again well done for your hard work, if i can help with any info or pics in uk please ask fay hutchings

Uptown Girl: Thank you, Fay! I have sent you e-mail.

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