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Advance Jumping Jack Flash

Uptown Girl: Please, please, don't have someone a photo (also worse) of this dog? He is in pedigree of many dogs, so I would need his photo to database...

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Sanna: Hi, I don't think you will find a photo of "Jack". He was used only once as a stud dog and lived as a family pet. The successful mating with Ch Tanilys Proud mary produced Ch Failines Last Minute and Ch F Last born etc. This dog was by Ch Clearmount Turn Me loose "Sigge" ex. Foxearth Fashionable "Wilma" 3 CC's CACIB. My first smooth was from this litter: ADVANCE PAINT IT BLACK "Chester" (tri male) view some pics of him at my homepage at www.sanningenskennel.se (in loving memory) NORW.CH ADVANCE SATISFACTION "Pebbles" (tri bitch) NORW.CH ADVANCE STREET FIGHTING MAN (sable male) won several CC's and CACIB's ADVANCE ANGIE (sable bitch) ADNAVCE HUNKY TONK WOMAN (sable bitch) and ADVANCE JUMPIN JACK FLASH "Jack" (tri) Kind regards, Sanna Please let me know if you still need photos (scanning of old photos from the dogs mentioned above and some litter siblings is neccessary but possible).

OneWay's: I only have him on a videotape.. This dog was as Sanna said, a familypet, and was only used once. As I remember this dog had thyroidproblem...

Uptown Girl: Thanks! I'm still looking for photos of smoothies for database. So if you have pictures of some dogs, who aren't in database, please scan it and send me. Thank you!

Sanna: This is my first smooth - Advance Paint it Black "Chester" a litter sibling of "Jack". I will try to scan more pictures of this litter and parents/relatives etc. during the summer holidays. //Sanna

Sanna: I don't seeem to be able to post pictures or perhaps I haven't got enough computer skills. Instead, have a look on this dog if you like on my homepage: www.sanningenskennel.se (at this moment on the first page, and in addition, further information under "in loving memory) Kind regards Sanna

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