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Help me with some information

Uptown Girl: Know someone parents (eventually also date of born) of this dogs? (I have photos, but no data) Alopex Skinny Dipper Astrellita Al Pacino Blue Ivar van Midden-Aarde Cownbred Hopeful Quest at Foxearth Hilltarn Chance Newarp Sundancer Ochilview The Dreamy Blonde Poulot's Smooth Drama Queen Rowvale Ring O Roses at Zellamere Talcott Glory Boy

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Mariska: Hello, If you want to know the parents of Blue Ivar van Midden Aarde you can contact the breeders: j.p.jsanders@freeler.nl Many Greetings, Mariska

Jencolcollies: Talcott Glory Boy: S Foxearth Forebear at Talcott D: Ch Foxbell Blue Kimba Jenny

acting smooth: Astrellita Al Pacino b. 08/02/97 Astrellita Absoluto / Astrellita All That Jazz Cownbred Hopeful Quest at Foxearth b. 09/05/96 Foxearth Flyn / Bothways Amazing Grace at Foxearth Hilltarn Chance b. 08/03/97 Hilltarn Hyperion / Rhapsody In Blue At Hilltarn Rowvale Ring O Roses at Zellamere 23/09/00 Southcombe Scotch On The Rocks / Rowvale Rose Marie

willowhurst: Hilltarn Chance is here at Willowhurst . Bless her shes 12 now fiona @ willowhurst

willowhurst: yes sorry ... Hilltarn chance is a female ... actually the pcture you have of her is not a good one . thanks fiona x

Uptown Girl: I thank to all, who help me! willowhurst I'm sorry for mistake with sex of Hilltarn Chance. If you have better photo of her, please send me it.

Alertness: Hi The parents of Poulot's Smooth Drama Queen are: Sire: Shiny Lake's Be My Double Dare Dam: Poulot's Smooth Hedera Helix Berit

Uptown Girl: From list bellow I need now parents (DOB) this dogs: Alopex Skinny Dipper Blue Ivar van Midden-Aarde Newarp Sundancer Ochilview The Dreamy Blonde And another dogs: Flodden Fields Blue Babette Fonda vom Ihlpol Jenmaleo Coat of Dreams Jenmaleo Silver Sixpence Nauglamir Ny Bianca Xena Blue Vom Hamburger Wappen

Meghann: Hello, Here some info about Fonda vom Ihlpol: Fonda vom Ihlpol 02-04-1989 (Tri) when she is past away, i don't know. Father: Amos vom Ihlpol Mother: Blue Jenny van Midden Aarde Father of the Father: Corydon the Hottentot Mother of the Father: Tamba vom Ihlpol Father of the Mother: Harras van Midden Aarde Mother of the mother: Blue Grimas van Midden Aarde Greats Meghann

Uptown Girl: Hi! I need again help with parents of some dogs (and date of born or another info): Alopex Just Tri Me at Russfield Alopex Marionette At Oakestelle Blue Sasja van't Lissenvoort Calstead San Benito Charismatic Buccanneer of America Charismatic Fame of America Easy Listening At Seanua Farthings Fortune Hunter Flodden Fields Blue Babette Foxearth Flaming Star Foxearth Freelance (or Freelancer ?) Foxearth Silver Dream at Jimjack Gwenn-Kjell van Doerakkenhof Hilltarn Highlights Laureates Love in a Mist Lester van't Lissenvoort Manordeifi Black Lace Manordeifi Party Doll Manordeifi Star Attraction Nauglamir Ny Bianca Ochilview The Dreamy Blonde Pamela vom Ihlpol Southcombe Sunday Best Talcott Luscious Lucy Talcott Morning Glory Valiant The Race is On Xena Blue Vom Hamburger Wappen

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