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Roberta Semenzato: I send you and e-mail but I don't knoe if you read it: ----- Original Message ----- From: Roberta Semenzato To: hornakova.petra@gmail.com Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:48 PM Subject: avaible Hi, I've some problem to see AVAIBLE page... is it only a problem of mine? I also want to add a dog, which informations do you need? Thanks, Roberta

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Glenmorangie: Hi Roberta, I got this problem too but I just re-visit this page and it is ok now. See at http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/available.php?crit=sex&param=dogs It seems Petra made changes and linked the names of the dogs towards each individual page in order to see their pedigree and so on. It is Great Thank you very much, Petra And if you want to modify data about your dog, just email Petra and write her what you want those things to appear in this individual page (i.e. new show awards, character test, and so on...). Best regards, Françoise

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