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M.Ch.Collie's of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuck

Tiggers: What kind of pedigree have in this dog: M.Ch.Collie's of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuck? Please, this is very important!

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Henna: sire: Straightline´s Great Passion ( Fairlines Future Vision - Fairlines Classic Smooth) Fairlines Future Vision ( Fairlines Butch Cassidy - Tanliys Proud Mary) Fairlines Classic Smooth ( Oneway's Classic Case - Fairlines My Keen Lady) dam: Fairline´s First Class Callgirl ( Oneway's Classic Case - Cabare's Classiqe) Oneway's Classic Case (Chess - Oneway's Bloody Mary) Cabare's Classiqe (Fairlines Butch Cassidy - Glennfields Ginette) If you want know more, please mail me

Natalain: Here is his photo from http://www.collie-online.com In this site you can also find his pedigree with photos of relatives.

Tiggers: Thanks again Henna!

Roberta Semenzato: he is sire of my smooth, you can see half pedigree of Nepomuk (also with phoso) here http://www.colliesinshow.com/pegasocollies/cady_pedigree.htm

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