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Use of frozen sperm?

Natalain: I have 2 questions. Who use frozen sperm with COLLIE? I heard about positive experiens with it in the other breeds. But what about collies? And also my second question. My friend (owner of sheltie`s kennel) want to buy frozen sperm in GB. But she can`t to desicion where to keep it. In Russia we don`t know about good laboratory, which can deal with it. What about other countries? I know that there are the lab in Finland, but I don`t know the details. May be somebody knows the conditions, costs, contact information and so on?

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carluke: Hi Natalian I have imported semen from Multi Ch Sandcastles Truth or Dare from Finland into Australia ( I think it was late 2005) we got enough straws for 3 inseminations, used three different bitches and not 1 took. Bitch 1 Older girl had 2 previous litters with no worries, was inseminated transcervically - did take but reabsorbed at 3.4- 4 weeks on. Bitch 2 Young girl not previously whelped surgically inseminated for nothing. she now has 4 fat lovely babies by Pena. Bitch 3 again young girl on season immediately post whelping nothing. The semen was tested between bitch 2 & 3 and found although to be high in quality was not high in quantity so was hyper extended for insemination into bitch 3. Of interesting note is that none of the other breeds semen imported in the same canister all collected in Finland has ever produced a litter yet either. The costs were on par with buying a dog as the donor sire had to have all the tests done as though he himself was coming to Australia. I have also in the past enquired on UK semen but none of the breeders I have spoken too are that keen on going through the process of collection. We plan to collect and store from Pena - when he is a little older and this is the company we will use here in Australia http://www.frozenpuppies.com/index.html I am still optimistic that one day it will work in Collies. Cheers Kate

Alertness: What I have heard is that collie semen doesn't do very well outside of the collie body, i.e. frozen; collie bitches very rarely (if at all) get pregnant this way. I don't know if this is true, and if it is, why it is so. Maybe the collie breed has a problem with its fertility since sperm rarely "produce" after it has left the male body (unless inserted directly into the bitch the normal way )? Berit

Natalain: carluke Alertness Thank you both for answers! So... It is interesting if somebody heard about COLLIE puppies who was born after "frozen sperm mating"?

carluke: there have been 2 Collie rough litters that I am aware of born here in Australia - though I think both were single puppy litters, each occasion the semen was American. Both occured during the 1990's ( I think) There have been some fresh semen litters that have taken. Cheers Kate

Karen Tewart: Hi, The finest expert I know on using frozen semen in collies is Sharon Vanderlip DVM. She is in Lakeside, California. Her website is Http://www.rainshade.com Sharon bred the very first collie concieved with frozen semen and has shipped internationally multiple times. She taught me the ins and outs which resulted in a healthy chilled semen litter of seven rough and smooth collie pups in 2002. Best Regards, Karen Tewart Bellwether Collies Pennsylvania, USA http://www.freewebs.com/bellwethercollies/

Karen Tewart: http://www.rainshadecollies.com/

Lea: any news??

Natalain: Who knows what about using of chilled (refrigerated, cooled) sperm. Have anybody positive results with collies?

Satu Havukainen: Greetings from Finland I have now 4 weeks old rough puppies as an result of using frozen semen. And my friend has used chilled for her smooth with "quite" good result (10 puppies) Best regards, Satu Havukainen

carluke: congratulations Satu, they look lovely girls Cheers Kate

Natalain: Satu Havukainen Thank you for information! It`s very interesting! And of couse congratulations with puppies!!!

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