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Nina: I was just wondering... is there any formula for ear carriage inheritance? Is it simple dominant/recessive, can we predict it like for example colour of puppies... or is it more complicated? I read an interesting article about crossing boxers and corgi to breed a naturally bobtail boxer http://www.steynmere.com/ARTICLES1.html In the first generation, one pup out of seven had errect ears. Dr. Cattanach assumed it was recessive, but did not have time to research it, he concentrated on tails. I know it's not the same as Collie ears, but I still think it's interesting Breeders, can you write your experiences... and examples/photos?

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cris: Very very interesting topic...!!

Natalain: Nina I hope that I understand your question correctly I will try to say my opinion. I think that there are the complicated inheritance, because ears carriage (set) depends on their shape, size, thickness and how its settle on head and shape of skull. The standing ears could be if they are too light (not fleshy, not fat), or too small, or have special shape (wide, but short). And the ears could be too heavy if they are too fat, or too big, or very long. And also there are the ears of different set, it is another problem. And I think that usually we have the combination of these factors when we have not ideal ears. So I think that this is not simple inheritance. And you can have a surprise in breeding with ears. For example in our N-litter we had 10 puppies. 6 of them have the ideal ears. One has too heavy ears (Norton Commander, I put his photos in Photoalbum recently). One tric male has one ideal ear + one too heavy ear. And 2 sable bitches have one ideal ear + light ear. But all of them are littermates. I think that we have this difficulty in the breed because there are many methods of ear correction, but it is only exterior correction, not genetic. So I think that if we want to have ideal ears we must simple to use parents with ideal (natural) ears in some generation.

cris: I think that inheritance is certain, although it is probably not simple, as you say! Also my smooth male has heavy ears, as like as his father: he is quite similar to him, with regard to ears carriage as to size! On the contrary, the mother and the brothers have correct ears.

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