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Tiggers: Have we in this world any bloodlines which isn't includes next dogs: Baubon's Oklaholma Oliwer and Fairlines Last Minutes? And hopefully those lines without those dogs are healthy.

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Alertness: Yes, but you might have to turn to American lines or "old" English lines to find it... :-). I don't know much about continental european lines; maybe not all of them have F. Last Minute or B. Oklahoma Oliwer in them? Berit

OneWay's: Of course you can find dogs without Baubon's Oklaholma Oliwer and Fairlines Last Minute. But as I se it, to many breeders try to get the same dogs as many times as possible in the same pedigree...

Mabinogion: ofcourse there are ,we have dogs to who dont have them in the pedigree.

asandzan: Tiggers, yes we do have such bloodlines, here in Finland too

Natalain: I want to ask, because I heard sometimes that people looking for "Otto-clear" dogs. What`s problems with his progeny? Is it problems with health or something else?

Mabinogion: yes ,i want to know to .i have heard about some fertillity problems and testicle problems ? i olso think that it is not good to use one male so very offen in a breed,because every living soul have good things ,but olso not so good things . but that is just our opinium and it is not always easy to breed eather.

asandzan: I have nothing against those bloodlines or dogs, I only want to maintain some bloodlines without them.

Alertness: I agree with Mabinogion. Even though a certain stud dog is a very good specimen it may not be wise to use him very extensively. In a small breed we need to keep the gene pool as wide as possible, so it is better to use a wider selection of males than just a few. We need to be careful in order for the breed to stay healthy also in the future Berit

Tiggers: What You think, if I'll find male whose pedigree is almost free for Baubon's Oklaholma Oliwer and Fairlines Last Minute ("Otto-Kille") and after that I'll find those dogs in 4. generation (in father side), is that too big risk to plan anything combinations? Okey, of course it's but... Please, get me some tips of bloodlines without "Otto-Kille"!

catrin: I have to litters with no Otto or Kille - D-litter and L-litter. I don´t have Otto so much on my litters, but you can find Kille dear most of them We also imported one tri male from US who most definatelly has not either of these males.

Tiggers: catrin, where I can see your litters? Have you some website?

Tiggers: catrin, now I realised how are you :) Nice to meet you here ;)

Tiggers: This is "stupid" question but where I can find some dogs whose pedigree have dogs from Karenclan's and Foxearth quite a near WITHOUT Baubon's Oklaholma Oliwer and Fairlines Last Minute?

Natalain: Hi! Only today I have seen almost such dog from Finland in Petra`s database: http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/view.php?id=739

asandzan: Tigger's, take a look: www.kolumbus.fi/mimosan

Tiggers: asandzan, thanks! I already found

bells: Yes. on April 19th there is a litter of at least 8 due at Swan Collies in Texas, USA out of my premier brood bitch pure-for-sable smooth Bellwether Golden Princess who was leased to Suanne Hardie at Swan Collies and bred to her sable rough stud 'Maverick". Pippin is litter sister to Suanne's other stud Ch. Swan's AU N Phoenix Rising "Yankee" Both sire and dam are health tested for multiple generation. N/C for CEA expected. All the info/with links and litter pedigree on the litter is on the "Breeding Plans" page at my website http://www.freewebs.com/bellwethercollies/ Suanne is experienced with shipping to Europe. Maverick can be seen at the Swan Collies website at : http://www.geocities.com/swancollies/studs.html and http://www.geocities.com/swancollies/Puppies.html Any questions, please contact Suanne Hardie via her webpage. Best Regards, Karen Tewart

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