Breeding Sorry, that I havn't done anything good fr the breed...

Sorry, that I havn't done anything good fr the breed...

OneWay's: Our Collieclub here in Sweden just said that I did nothing good for this breed. But another breeder Gemdales who have my dogs behind her breeding, nearly all litters and now linebreed on my dogs, they rekommended her to the Swedish Kennelclub because she had done so much good for the breed, so the value price that nearly no breeders gets is hers... No I'm not jelous at all, I'm just so dissapointed at our Collieclub. So right now I don't care, and as it feels today I don't want to be in this breed any longer, when nothing you do for the breed is any good. Here is a link to some of my dogs who is behind her fantastic breeding click here

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Heute: Dear OneWay, Dont get discouraged over this. There will always be people like that out there who will want to bring you down. Keep in mind that you do not breed because of people, you are the breeder because of the breed and dogs themselves and therefore why should you be bothered about such comments. As long as you are ethical and try to do the best you can as a breeder do not allow your day getting spoiled. I always say: Time will tell what has been done Keep Up the Good Work !

cris: Dear Oneway's, I agree with Heute at all! All collies-lovers in the world know the indisputable value of your smooths! Don't care about backbiters!

OneWay's: But when the Collieclub doesn't think you are doing anything good fr the breed, than it's a bit to much and when they recommend another breeder to our Kennelclub it's even more wrong. So it's not just backbiters, I used to that and I doesn't care about it. But this was way to hell, to be treated like this by our own collieclub. If this other breeder had her own breeding it should be ok for me, but not now when many of her litters is from my lines and now linebreed to my dogs, and SHE got the credit for it... Most stupid thing I ever heard of. So people will be happy, because I don't care any longer, why try to breed good dogs when it doesn't matter anyway I have offered my bitches I still have to other breeders...

cris: OneWay's wrote: I have offered my bitches I still have to other breeders... What do you mean? I am not sure to have understood..

Heute: OneWay, there will always be politics involved in breeding and you should know this by now. You have been a breeder for a long time, your skin should be thick and this kind of childish behaviour from collie club should not hurt you nor surprise you. Us collie lovers know what you have done for the breed and this is what should matter most ! Who cares what some club thinks, if this collie club is anything like our breed clubs than their opinion and actions really dont worth much . I know that mistreatment like this hurts you but at the end it is all about dogs and this wonderful breed, peoples opinions are just their opinions and there are always going to be some bad ones out there. It is very easy to succeed with somebody elses hard work and knowledge thats why so many people are doing so . What doesnt break us only makes us stronger.

OneWay's: cris wrote: What do you mean? I am not sure to have understood.. I'm not keeping my sable bitches so I offered another breeder them... because I think they are to good to not be used for breeding, and I don't want to use them.

cris: But I wish strongly a little sable Oneway's puppy in my life, for the future!!

Nirreterrit: Hello Jeanette! I understand what you wrote, it's very painful. Clubs are about opinion of head of the club - just a few people, politics... I don't breed for people, but for the dogs. So I don't care about some people bad mouthing. It's normal, that some will love your breeding as well as other will hate you for the same. Just only opinions and priority. You know, that you made lots of great smooths as well as I know it and lots of breeders know it. It's not random, that I use lots of your blood in my breeding and I love to see them in pedigree with proud. Your Errol is for me the biggest smooth legend. I'm very happy I had the opportunity, I saw him as well as other great smooth. I can't forget mainly Mercan and Per. Thank you for your work.

Twinway: I can just say "thanks" for all the work you made for the smooth collie and for letting me dream about YOUR smooths during long time. I'm like all the other, I think Errol, Per Hempa... are the best ;-) and are the biggest smooth LEGEND ... . I understand you'are so disappointed, you want to stop all with your club but please don't stop !!! I (and others breeeders) need you and all your work in the future ! Thanks for all

cris: Nirreterrit wrote: but please don't stop !!! I (and others breeeders) need you and all your work in the future ! I agree, abolutely! Not only breeder, but all smoothies' lovers need your work!!!

Tentola: OneWay's wrote: Our Collieclub here in Sweden just said that I did nothing good for this breed Jeanette They may think that in Sweden, but the same can not be said in the UK. I know you had problems over Skalle Per, but he has definatly left his mark on the breed. Whenever myself or Anne judge in the Uk we normally find ourselves putting up decendants of Per. Their head qualities are outstanding. Our Rio, Tentola Foreign liaison and his sister in Holland, Mooncradle Mabel have the sweetest of eye's, as from Photo's do Diane's & Francoise's young dogs in France. Both grandsons of Per. Nick & Anne Smith

Jack Mack: Jeanette, what a nonsense, don't they see what is in front of their eyes? I am proud to have started my sucessful career as a breeder with the help of your OneWay's dogs and do remember very well all your advice for a "young" breeder. I am proud to have had the wonderful Multi Ch. OneWay's Al Capone live with me and still have Multi Ch. OneWay's Miraculix as companion, both with sucessful offspring in all Europe. Please - despite this affrond - keep on going!!! Gudrun

Shabtay: My friend and I will write you an e-mail as soon as we get the time to do it! This is complete nonsense, we believe that you are doing some excellent work and we really don't want you to stop!

Natalain: When I only start to have deal with smooth collies I knew only few kennels around the world. And One Ways was one of them... I think it`s enough to see Database statistics for to see how much your breeding influence on world breeding...

cris: Jack Mack's wrote: Jeanette, what a nonsense, don't they see what is in front of their eyes? ... Please - despite this affrond - keep on going!!! Well said, Gudrun!!

cris: I add: my boy is a Jack Mack's x Oneway's son, what's better?

Roberta Semenzato: OneWay don't take care of this, all smooth collie owners know what kind of work you done for the breed and all of us know that oneway is one of the top s.c. kennel in the world As we say: "FORZA ONEWAY!!!" (go oneway, go!)

Bill: Hey Jeanette, Who are they that try to undo a work that cannot be undon? This political manouver cannot be tolerated. Do you remember while I was sitting at your kitchen table and was doubtful you said "never give up". the american Bill who visited you more than once, and believe it or not Miracualix is one of the best.

OneWay's: Thanks for all kind words, but I'm so tired of all this shit :( When your own collieclub thinks everything you does is just crap, and nothing worth, and high someone else who uses your breeding to the BIG skyes and nominated that breeder to our kennelclubs highest price that a breeder can get here. This honourprice is given to 10 breeders in ALL breeds every second year... I don't care at all if I never ever should get it, but the reason I think this is wrong is that someone else get it to breed from my dogs... I don't get it. Next planned breeding in that breeders house has my Ch OneWay's Bloody Mary FIVE times behind, I don't have her that many times in my own breeding, so that litter is a close linebreeding on my shitdogs, wonder why??? are the pups better if they are born with another kennelname? No one ever look at pedigrees?? Right now I don't think it's fun to have or breed smooths at all... but I have mated one of the bitches I have on breedingterms, because I still have people who's waiting for puppies. I have my chihuahuas and have now bought a Sredneasiatskaja Ovtjarka bitch, she is only 3,5 months old, so I will se what's going to happen in the future... people who have these breeds are not that crazy that swedish colliebreeders, here everything about collie is ONLY workingtrials & obedience, everything else is crap and to buy dogs with right kennelnames. But to get prices in obedience and workingtrials depends on the owners interest, and with all shit people are saying about other dogs capasity to work, people with this interest just buy their dogs in a few different places both in roughs & smooths. They buy a name not a dog. I got a bitch back in january, she competes in the highest class in obedience, she was ONE point from her Obediencechampion title, she also competed as a searchdog, and was moved up to the highest class in agility, she is shown with 5 CC's and is CEA-free and has A-hips. And when colliepeople here was writing at a forum that this was a SHIT dog, I felt it's enough, the ONLY thing that is wrong with this bitch is that she is born with MY kennelname, if she had another kennelname and hadn't done as much as this bitch the dog should be FANTASTIC and praced to the skyes as something really good as a working dog. When I told a friend who breed dobermanns about this bitch her comment was, she MUST be a fantastic allround dog, that bitch should be used for breeding. When I told her that if I should use this bitch for breeding, people here shoud warn others to not buy a pup from this bad bitch, she thought I was crazy, but that's true, this bitch isn't good enough. I see red when I se ALL these false swedish colliepeople, and to hear that I don't know ANYTHING and that I'm just stupid and jelous, because others are doing so much better with their breeding, I'm tired to hear this especially from the beginners in the breed, newcomers that had smooths for 4-5 years and thinks they know everything. Wonder how much these superbreeders has done for the smooths when they breed for 25 years All this takes to much energy, that can be used for something else. Yesterday we where out in the wood to do some tracking, and the horses take some time to.

Fanna: I sure hope Jeanette that you will not (ever) stop breeding smooth collies. I am one of those who are waiting for a puppy from OneWays and it sure took time to find a breeder that does live up to my expectations. I have always liked the look of the OneWays dogs so it was really nice to meet them and find out that the character and temperament also was to my liking. I don´t know what the Swedish kennel club values most with breeders, but I value most is an honest breeder who knows his dogs. Mental tests and other merits are fine but they can never be the same as what an honest breeder can do (and clearly you have done). Fanna