Breeding Sorry, that I havn't done anything good fr the breed...

Sorry, that I havn't done anything good fr the breed...

OneWay's: Our Collieclub here in Sweden just said that I did nothing good for this breed. But another breeder Gemdales who have my dogs behind her breeding, nearly all litters and now linebreed on my dogs, they rekommended her to the Swedish Kennelclub because she had done so much good for the breed, so the value price that nearly no breeders gets is hers... No I'm not jelous at all, I'm just so dissapointed at our Collieclub. So right now I don't care, and as it feels today I don't want to be in this breed any longer, when nothing you do for the breed is any good. Here is a link to some of my dogs who is behind her fantastic breeding click here

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willowhurst: Hi , not sure whats really going on , or whats been said , however all I DO know is if it wasnt for Oneways Skalle Per then Ruth wouldnt have had Tina (Pelghart Private Dancer ) and we wouldnt have our beautiful mickey. When we came over to Sweden in July , the Oneways dogs looked very nice , especially Oneways Top Speed amongst others. fiona xx

willowhurst: Tentola wrote: but the same can not be said in the UK. I know you had problems over Skalle Per, but he has definatly left his mark on the breed. Whenever myself or Anne judge in the Uk we normally find ourselves putting up decendants of Per. You gave our Mickey RCC Thank you Anne !!! xxxxx

bells: I am so sorry this has happened! How very unfair. Hempa. Lovely Hempa. For me, he was so much One Way! You have lovely collies. Since I first saw them on your web page in 1998, I have been so impressed by how versatile they are! Just name it, they can do it successfully. Please don't let these hurful words discourage you! Your smooths are such an education in what smooths truly should be. Best Regards, Karen tewart , Bellwether Collies , USA.

COWNBRED: Please don't do anything sound like me ...sooooooooooooo annoyed at the way fools treat you. Remember but for you this other breeder would be invisible. You put her where she is in one respect. You and your expertise, intelligence and devotion to the Smooth Collie. You gave her this acknowledgment in Smooths because you breed fantastic Smooths. This is the reason YOU SHOULD CARRY ON AND SHOW THE IDIOTS THAT YOU ARE THE BEST...NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY. I have had some trouble here with some members of our club, and stupid 'Johnny come latelys'....and committee members who are not here for the right reasons....Petty, infantile people who came after me and will be gone before me....Don't let them beat you...Keep up the good work and carry on being a force to be reckoned with..... I was close to quitting last year...after 29 years in Smooths. Then I thought...WHAT MATTERS MOST TO ME? IS IT THE DOGS OR THOSE MISGUIDED FOOLS WHO TREAT ME BADLY? I decided I was better than them, and here I am, sticking 2 fingers up at the lot of them. Always remember the dogs come first. Your dogs/kennel are a legend and you must not cower to those who will do you down. Hang on in there. It will blow over and you'll feel better, but you won't forget. What does the opinion of the minority matter when the majority are behind you. Go to it girl, and show them what you're made of. You can do it. My best wishes for your long future IN SMOOTH COLLIES.

COWNBRED: PS......I've read all that has been said about your upset....and do you know....GB is exactly the same. 5/6/7 yrs in Smooths and they think they know it all. I've been in dogs 47 yrs and I'll never know it all(I HOPE!) I love to learn something new every day, especially about dogs. Others come and pick your brains and go away to do their own thing....with YOUR knowledge. I'm very free with my knowledge because I hope that it will benefit the dogs. I'm told you're the same. I have never heard a bad word about you and that is excellent as far as I'm concerned. Remember, some of those who make this type of descission are not as knowledgable as you are.....and that is very sad. I wish I'd been able to do as much for Smooths in GB as you've done, both there at home, and here in GB, and the rest of the world. I'm sure you have all DECENT Smooth breeders behind you. to the ones who deserve this ................................ to the rest of us.

minidonk: Hi I am new to the forum. I am usually benched next to Willowhurst at the UK shows!! Oneways collies are World famous. I am showing a Grandson of Skalle Per at the moment. I also show another type of animal and have been really sucessful, so much so that I am treated like something the others have stepped in! You have achieved so much Jeanette. enjoy your Dogs and keep going. Whatever you do, carry on with your Smooths! Best Wishes Ann

myrnash: Jeanette, I can't imagine how they can say that you have not done anything good for the breed. You have consistently had absolutely wonderful dogs, and your dogs are behind many of the other famous lines. I agree so much with what the others have said.

OneWay's: Thanks for your kind words!!! But it still feels bad, that you always get picked on, never does any good, and I'm so sicken tired of colliepeople here in Sweden and our collieclub:( For now the last year I have not showed any of my own dog... and I had 2 smooth puppies last year, felt strange. But tomorrow we are leaving for Cruft's... with 2 smooth:)

Jack Mack: Hi Jeanette, great, so we will meet at Crufts! I will be without dogs, they did not meet the required rabies titer :-((( /Gudrun

myrnash: Good luck at Crufts!

danielle: It's a mainly rough collie forum begun by Wicani legend Angela Harvey, who despite 30 years of successful breeding is currently expelled from Collienet Forum for daring to try and restore genetic diversity to the UK rough collie by importing 2 Canadaian Champions sires, as well as exporting a sire of her own breeding to Canada. The forum is open to all those who want to see a return to the "classic" style of collie. One of our members is the head of DuneCollies a famous Canadian Smooth Kennel . I think joining would really help your perspective!

shulune: Dont give up,you & your kennel are well known all over the world,and im amongst the lucky ones who have your line behind their breeding, when i mated my bitch a few years ago i looked for a stud from, per or at least in the pedigree as i never got the chance to use him while he was in the uk the temprements from this line is FANTASTIC and it passes on down the generations so a BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work KEEP IT UP michelle & shulune ( GB )

Glenmorangie: Hello all :-) I am an old Collie fan, small breeder who started with Roughs in 1977 up to 1995 (my Oldest bitch died in 2001 at the honourable age of 15) and newcomer in the Smooth Collie since 2006. Until now, I did not butt in this topic but I do it today because : 1) it seems to me that Mrs Savlund has always worked FOR the Smooth Collie, not against. The proof is that we still see many of her most famous Sires and Dams behind lots of today Smooth Collies pedigrees. I think that if some of the greatest Smooth Collie breeders take dogs or bitches from one particular kennel, it is not for peanuts. All my five Smoothies carry OneWay's bloodline. Even my "Oldie" Ch. Dandinas Graceful Gift "Nina" (who is the result of a happy "melting pot" ) carries Ch. OneWay's Classic Case in her fifth generation. You can see by yourself : - Ch. Dandinas Graceful Gift "Nina" : < > - Florence del Passo del Turchino : < > - Mooncradle Prospero's Speech "Flynn" : < > - Dainty Dor Damona of Glenmorangie and the rest of my "D" litter, 2008 : < > 2) I just read Danielle's post about Mrs Harvey's "forum story" and I can't prevent myself to believe that, often, when a person has different ideas from most others, this person pays the strongest cost of her "liberty". Still, another British breeder (Brooklynson) imported a wonderful Brazilian sire few years before she imports her Canadians. When one of his son won the Cruft's CC 2007, he has been treated lower than earth by....... few French "breeders" (yes between " " because demonstrating such ostracism and obscurantism is not worth on behalf of a Breeder). Myself is "punished" (my God, they therefore have nothing more interesting to do in their life !!!) since last year for having said in this forum that "most of the today Rough Collies are "Potatoe-Couch"" The one who reported this to someone I knew for about thirty years has not had the courage to tell me, face to face, what it thought about my saying. NO, this one just reported it to this other person and from now on our relationship is reduced to the strict essential : MY Collies. I really don't mind, I have so many other interesting (or not ) things to do in my life that I really don't have the time to even glance at these gossips. You know what ? For the FIRST time of our main Club shows history, the famous championship CAC has not been given in Smooth male classes !!! 4 males in competition, one in Intermediate Class, two in Open Class and one in Breeder Class. Two of these dogs got Very Good, the other two got Exc.1st, each in their respective class. These two dogs are....... MINE Finally, the NL judge decided to not give one of my dogs the CAC...... despite excellent comments for each. So, no French Champion in Smooth males this year at our main Club show !!!! And then ? There are so many other opportunities for me to make my dogs Champions that the Tricolour Ribbon is not very important. A French judge (by hazard, the French Collie Club president) went to CZ for judging all Collies at the CZ Collie Club Show. Well. One of my "D" pup was entered in Intermediate Class and got..... Exc.4th : he "has divergent position of the rear legs" I can accept many things in the only condition that they are fair. I know my dogs and I am really sure that he has excellent rear legs. So, why inventing faults where there is no one ???? Hmm.... I know the response but I decently can't tell it here Warning, warning : this year, the S.C.C. French Championship is held in Paris-Villepinte and is.... Cruft's Qualifying So, Foreign Breeders and Owners, "Get up, Stand up" for making this show a *True* Competition Also, keep in mind that this Championship is a "prototype" of the next 2011 World Wide Dog Show, in the same place....... Hopefully we will see Mrs Jeannette Savlund there with some of her Dear Smoothies Best regards, Françoise

Jack Mack: I can add a little bit to that: When I first started to show in France I was wondering why so few dogs from other countries were shown there, I was told that french judges always place french dogs first and there are very few judges from abroad ever judging in France. Wonder why french judges are invited in our countries so frequently??? My example: I did not show my bitch myself at a french championship show but a good friend of mine, a fine handler. When the (french) judge went over her he asked, where the bitch comes from and my friend told him...........she was placed ex 4 - a multiple champion of different countries. Maybe it happend the same with your dog in CZ??? Strange that only very few french smooths are ever shown in other european countries......... I know a lot of people read this and I do not care, I will not show in France any more anyway. Jeanette - go for it !!!!

Gabriela: to Glenmorangie Concerning Czech shows, the number of entries with judges coming from faraway countries is usually twice as high as the number with Czech judges. The reason is simple. People who are interested in smoothies know each other very good, which is also true of our national judges. The judges prefer not only their own collie type, but also their own "breeder and owner type" :-) It cannot be helped and I guess this happens in all countries. The French judge at our last club show was a good chance for many showers, especially beginners, to get a title without FACE judging. On the other hand, for your young boy it was a coincidence and maybe bad luck.