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Size of 8 week old smooth puppy?

eple: Hello! I'm going to fly with an 8 week old smooth puppy in a cuple of weeks, and need to buy a cabin bag for her. Does any one now how tall and broad an 8 week old puppy is? This is the measures I need :) Thank you!

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Heute: Why don't you ask the breeder of your puppy? She/He knows best how big the puppies are, after all the breeder is with them since birth and should have an answer to this question . Good luck with the puppy and post some pictures when you get her .

acting smooth: I just reserved an airplane ticket and simply made it this way: I asked from the airlines what size the bag can be, and I'm going to find one that fits on those requirements. Smooth pup should fit in in normal hand luggage. Puppies grow suddenly some sooner some later, and nobody can know exact weight and measurements b

acting smooth: ... before the exact date. My computer is faster than me

eple: Thank you for your answers :) Acting smooth: can you show me wich bag you are going to buy, when you have decided? The air line company says the bag can not be bigger than 40x25x23, but I'm afraid it's too small?

acting smooth: Wheter the puppy fits in or not.. it depends how long is your flight. If the puppy lies down he/she can stay in a small box a short time (1-3 hours?). It still is less stressfull than travelling in the cargo-side. Maybe you should ask your puppy's breeder to teach te puppy to sleep short periods in a cardboard box of required size, or even ask them to buy the bag to get the puppy used to it? Our flight (Czech airlines) accepts 48 x 29 x 32 but it has to be a hard box. I think our own cat-carrier just fits in. Few weeks ago my friend flied with a standard poodle puppy by Finnair, size of bag they needed was 56 x 44 x 25 = longer and wider but lower. It was way too low for poodle, but the puppy went to sleep when was put into bag and the flight went nicely.

Lisa: When I bought Skip we flew from Frankfurt to Vienna, he was going in a normal sized box 8about the measures you mentioned above), it was no problem for him, just start and landing of the plane frightened him. but the size was okay and NOBODY controlled either the sizee of the box or the weight of the puppy! I'd just try it, it should work well. But as the others said, it depends on how much time your flight takes and if the pup is used to the box. Good luck with it, I'm looking forward to see pictures

acting smooth: In our plane, nobody measured the box but it did not fit under the seat! Well, the plane was in the air already when the crew noticed it and they did not drop us out, I had new seat beside the window and everything was okay. The crew was very kind and understanding. Puppy slept the whole flight as he did in the airport before the flight.

eple: They did not measure our bag either. But they did weigh it, and they opened and checked that there was enough room for the puppy. The bag was a little bit bigger than what they allowed, but it fit nicely under the seat in front of me. The measures of the bag was 46x27x28. The puppy was calm both on the air ports and on the two flights :) Very cute puppy you have there! :)

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