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Shana: Hallo all! I wish to show you my favourite dog Ensy(8 months) The fan of campaigns And it we in a campaign (Ensy here still small)

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Shana: 26/04/2009 Tomsk, ВОВ. expert-Romanenkova.

Shabtay: Beautiful dog you have there!

Shana: frizbifoto,


Sini: Nice pictures

Shana: Many thanks! We have a rest on a summer residence

mojito: Beautiful smoothies

JT: I really like the frisbee pictures Smoothie on action hehee


Natalain: Shana Good new photos!

Shana: We continue to have a rest The girl-floret

Shana: The assistant in painting

Lea: Most beautiful flower in the garden NO assistant, supervisors and controller as our Sena

Shana: Lea ,thanks ! "I can not believe... Really human cubs find in cabbage?"

Shana: 01.10.2009 -Pavlodar, Ensy KAZ Ch and CACIB

Shana: my beauty

JT: Beautiful smoothie , congratulations for the Ch title and CACIB

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