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Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea

Nina: This is Tia... better known as Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea... as far as I know, she is the first and only smooth collie in Croatia. 6 weeks old, photo by Pia Petman 2.5 months, at home

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Jencol: Very sweet girl, congratulations and wishing you lots of fun with her!

Selbit: Nina!

Mabinogion: Nina ,she is lovely !

Natalain: Nina Congratulations to you again!!! And congratulations to Croatia with the first smooth collie! Your photos is absolutely beautyful!!! But the photo of two hands.... sorry, paws... is something!

Nina: Thanks everyone! Tia was born 23.6.2007. Her dad is Sandcastle's Oliwer Hardy photo by Katarzyna Kosoń photo by Katarzyna Kosoń photo by Pia Petman photo by Pia Petman photo by Pia Petman ... and her mom Sandcastle's Snap Crackle Pop photo by Natalia Malysheva I don't know the authors of last 3 photos... I'll try to make some new photos of Tia... she is growing incredibly fast! She recently discovered she can climb on the couch all by herself

Twinway: Hello Nina, Congratulations for this nice bitch Very nice to see the first croatian smoothie ! I love the pic of her feets I wish you a lot of fun, success, hapiness and love with Tia Regards Mélanie

Natalain: Nina Thank you again for photos! These photos of S. Oliwer Hardy is his best photos, I think! Nina wrote: She recently discovered she can climb on the couch all by herself Real smooth collie!

Nina: A few fresh photos.... as promised

Selbit: These photos of S. Oliwer Hardy is his best photos - Precisely!!!

Loriseum: Nina wrote: Beautiful girl I remember her to be a little baby and now she's getting bigger and bigger

Roberta Semenzato: Hi Nina! I'm going to cac+cacib in split... are you coming too? I not entred Cady 'cause she finished her croatian championship in EDS... I invited Faith del passo dle turchino to come but the owner has some problem for give she to me... so I will come without any smooth :( Anyway... I Hope to see you there!

Uptown Girl: Tia looks really very nice! I hope I'll see her and you again!

Nina: Thanks again everybody! Roberta, I might come to Split as a visitor (with Tia :)) if I find transport. Petra, hope to see you and Phoebe too!

Nina: Ring training attempts.... ... featuring Valentina

Nina: We visited CAC Maribor yesterday, Tia was a good girl She met Lea's Shena and many other dogs... it was a nice experience for both of us. Here's also a funny movie made few days ago

Duna: Oh, Nina! Your movie is just fine! Has Tia participated in show in Maribor?

Nina: No, we were just watching and socializing...

Natalain: Nina Good photos and great movie!

Nina: Some new photos...

Selbit: SUPER FOTO!!!!

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